What You Should Spend And Not Spend Money On When Travelling In The US


Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

How many times do you come across messages like “Planning a trip to USA? Don’t forget your ESTA” when you’re trying to figure out what you need for a great vacation in the United States? Probably many since visas are mandatory in many states and not having one literally makes the difference between you getting in or not getting in the US for any reason whether it be business or pleasure related. That being said, assuming that you have your visa or that you match all the necessary criteria to legally get across the border into the United States, you are going to need a guide on what to spend and not spend money on. Here we go, the top things to spend on and what not to spend on.

Hotels and Such

Don’t spend a lot of money here. You’re fresh off the plane and you have all your budget available so you’re thinking that it won’t hurt to invest in a nice hotel room. Wrong. Keep your budget for more important expenditures and go for the cheap accommodations since you’ll be needing the room just for sleep. AirBnB’s and Couchsurf provide a great alternative to hotel rooms as they are cheap and convenient, and if they aren’t available in the required area, go for a motel rather than a hotel.

Mount Rushmore

Food and Street Food

Don’t invest a lot of money into your everyday eating. Try to cook your own meals if that’s possible and avoid restaurants. There are a lot of things to see and it’s not worth spending your money on food you can eat back home. That being said, saving your money on regular food will allow you to have more to spend on the types of food that aren’t available where you come from. Specifically, there are loads of street food in the US, and depending on what area of which city you go to, you’ll find street food pertaining to a different culture from the traditional hotdog to the Jamaican food cart.


This is what you came to see, after all. This is where you can invest a little more of your budget and where you’ll thank yourself for not wasting it all on regular food and fancy hotel rooms. There are plenty attractions to visit in the US, and you’re In for quite the ride in most states you visit. Landmarks like Mount Rushmore or the more active Navy Pier in Chicago make for great tourist locations and if you want to get a tan and make some new friends, maybe visit Venice Beach in L.A. Don’t be afraid to spend money on souvenirs and the various delights offered in the premises of these attractions.

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