How To Have A Great Trip To Los Angeles During Winter


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Los Angeles gets lots of tourists with the majority visiting between spring and summer. But, what about taking a vacation here during the winter? You can still find nice luxury homes in Los Angeles to spend a few days in comfort whilst enjoying the sights and attractions. And the weather isn’t as cold as other parts of the United States. You’ll learn the essentials of having a great trip to LA during the winter in this article.

Why Visit Los Angeles During the Winter?

Winter in Los Angeles aren’t cold at all. The average daytime temperatures hover at around 20°C (68˚F) and it rarely gets particularly cold during the evening. It’s extremely uncommon for the temperature to drop to freezing point in Los Angeles, which means you can leave your winter clothes at home. This may not be T-shirt and shorts weather, but it’s certainly nice to feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. In fact, it’s not unheard of for the temperatures to get to the mid to high 20’s in January and February. So you may end up coming back with a suntan!

Winter months coincide with the low season and a slight reduction in the price of hotels and flights. This makes travelling to a very expensive city slightly more affordable. Don’t expect to be the only tourist. The difference between peak and low season isn’t as large as other destinations.

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Things to Do in LA During the Winter

Just because the weather is cooler and it rains, it doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to do. All the attractions and sights will still be there whether you’re visiting in the summer or not. Theme parks are still open and you can visit the museums and experience the culture of the city.

The only activities that are less popular in the winter are water sports. Some are out on the beaches or surfing in the Ocean, but unless you can tolerate the chilly temperatures, it may not be for you. Apart from this, you can do the same things in LA as you would in the summer.

Winter Events in LA

Christmas and New Year are one of the best times to spend in the City of Angels. Christmas trees and holiday lights come out giving LA a festive feel. Sherman Oaks is a residential area that has a lot of cool lights and decorations, which is a perfect place to bring the kids. In short, the whole city looks spectacular. And New Year’s Eve in LA is one of the biggest and best celebrations in the United States.

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The epic Christmas and New Year sales come next. LA has a world-famous shopping scene and there are lots of bargains in the sales from electronics to the latest fashion. The Christmas Markets are also great places to find gifts and festive deals. Expect the city to be crowded during this time, but you probably won’t need to wear a big winter coat whilst you’re out and about!

The Los Angeles Zoo nights are also a winter treat for residents and tourists that start in late November and lasts until early January. Essentially, the zoo opens its doors to visitors after dark to give people a perspective on the nocturnal nature of some of the animals. This really is a treat and is a unique experience at the zoo. Expect fewer tourists and to see the animals in ways you haven’t before. And when the weather is cooler, it’s more pleasant to enjoy the zoo when the sun is out.

Star Gazing is another winter activity in Los Angeles. When the nights are cooler and the air is crisper, you can see more stars in the sky. On a chilly evening, people head up to the Griffith Park Observatory to gaze up at the stars. You can also head to Hermosa Natural Park independently and enjoy the views with your own eyes. As long as the sky is clear and you’re away from the light pollution generated by the sprawling city, you should get some good views of the stars. So if you’re in Los Angeles during the cooler months, why not take your special someone out for a romantic evening of star gazing? Shooting stars are easy to spot when you’re away from the city.

Snowboarding in winter

Winter Sports in LA

Just because the weather in Los Angeles is relatively warm throughout the year, it doesn’t mean that the locals don’t take part in winter sports. Quite the contrary. Summer is for surfing and winter is for skiing and snowboarding. Mount San Antonia, AKA Mount Baldy, is one hour from downtown Los Angeles. Skiing and snowboarding are the choices of sports in winter.

Ice skating rinks are also set up around the city, such as in Pershing Square, where you can don the skates and practice your skills. Kids love this activity and so be sure to let them give it a go at least once. You can also rent a snowmobile in the mountains or get some sledding equipment and go down some of the slopes.

The Bottom Line

Los Angeles is a perfect destination at any time of the year and winter is no exception. Christmas and New Year are great times to enjoy the festivities in the relatively mild climate. And you can also take part in winter sports or get a unique experience at the zoo. The bottom line is that LA makes a great city to visit during the winter months.

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