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Playing in online casinos such as Paddy Casino isn’t quite the same thrill as heading to a casino, especially if you’re in Las Vegas. The bright light city is home to many spectacular casinos – 104 in fact. Which just so happens to be the world record for the highest amount of casinos in one city. Las Vegas holds many world records, but it has also hosted many attempts.

Many people flock to Vegas each year to break a world record. It might be for the convenience of location or the number of people walking the streets. Last year alone the city received over 42 million visitors.

We’ve compiled a list with some of the world records that were made in Las Vegas to inspire you on your next record-breaking expedition.

World Record attempts in Las Vegas

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

Most Star Jumps in one minute

At first glance, this world record might not seem too impressive. Yet, when you read that Raymond Butler managed to complete 77 star jumps in one minute, it becomes very impressive. Averaging one star jump every 1.28 second sounds tremendous. The thought of doing 77 star jumps alone makes us short of breath!

The record was achieved in Las Vegas on the 18th September 2013 and has remained ever since. A few have tried to break the record, but nobody has been successful – yet.

Highest commercial decelerator descent facility

Las Vegas has multiple high buildings in the city and one of them is the Stratosphere. Perching on the edge of the strip and standing at 252 metres high, is the Sky Jump Las Vegas at the Stratosphere Casino Hotel & Tower.

Participants head up to the 108th floor where they put on a harness before walking out onto the platform of the tower. The thrill is simple. Hook onto the cable, and step off the edge. The decelerator cable slows you down at the perfect time so you can land safely on the ground.

World Record Sky Jump Las Vegas

Image by Greg Reese from Pixabay

The decelerator counterweights the person to ensure they’re safe but the jumpers still reach speeds between 40 and 50 miles per hour. It sounds like great fun unless you have a fear of heights. Check out the promotional video below, could you conquer the Stratosphere?

Largest Ferris Wheel in the world

Around the middle of the Las Vegas strip is where you’ll find the High Roller – the largest Ferris Wheel in the world. Standing at 167.5 metres tall, the Guinness World Record was declared on 17th April 2014, a little over two weeks after it was opened to the public.

One rotation of the wheel takes a little over 30 minutes, so be sure to leave enough time to enjoy the ride. Each of the 28 cabins can hold 40 people, making the total capacity 1,120. To put this into perspective, the London Eye in England can only hold a maximum of 800 people and stands at 135 metres.

It goes to show that Las Vegas is more than just casinos and clubs, it has a lot of thrill rides to offer and is the perfect location for a personal endeavour. If you were to try and break a world record, which one would you choose?

Top image by skeeze from Pixabay

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