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Bournemouth in the UK

The UK is a diverse place. You can enjoy a trip travelling around the stunning waters of the Lake District, go on an adventure in the Scottish Highlands, or enjoy a sunny day by the beach in Anglesey. This small island has a huge amount to offer and plenty of different experiences to encounter. You could look for the Top 10 Airports for Private Jets in the UK, get a commercial flight or even travel by car if you are from mainland Europe. This isn’t one of the wealthiest countries in the world for nothing!

If you want a city break, there are plenty of different places all over the country which you can visit, and we are going to talk about some of those here.

Brighton Beachhouses in the UK
Brighton Beachhouses
  1. Bournemouth

Bournemouth might not be the first place which comes to mind when you think about England, but this seaside city has a huge amount to offer to those who visit. You could take a ride on the seaside railway. Walk along the promenade and see the pastel beach huts, or go and explore the Victorian parks within the city centre. This is a quintessentially British city and gives you all the elements you want in a city break.

  1. Brighton

With the rise of social media and YouTube, Brighton has become a centre of tourism by its exposure online. This seaside city on the south coast is full to the brim of diversity, life and colour. Walk along the beach and see those famous beach huts, take a ride on the i360: a viewing platform which takes you 450 feet up in the air. The city is filled with cute cafés, unique shops and cobbled streets. But if that’s not your bag you can also relax in the quiet part of Brighton and explore beautiful forests and national parks.

Clare and King's College Cambridge in UK
Clare and King’s College Cambridge
  1. Cambridge

Cambridge might be most well-known for its award-winning university, but there is much more to this city than meets the eye. Steeped in stunning gothic architecture, the city is one which is perfect for those who love culture, history and photography. The river Cam runs through the city, winding through its buildings and rolling fields.

  1. Cardiff

Known in the UK as the home of Doctor Who, Cardiff is a city which is full of life and character. You could spend your time walking along Cardiff Bay, or maybe taking in the architecture in the city. You could go for a bit of retail therapy in the centre of the city and visit the museum whilst you are there. One of the biggest features of this city is Cardiff Castle, which you can visit and walk around to discover the history of the city.

Cardiff Castle
Cardiff Castle
  1. Derby

Known as the Real Ale Capital of Britain, you can really have some fun letting your hair down if you visit this city! You will be able to go on a tour of the breweries in the area, visit the silk mill and understand more about the birthplace of the industrial revolution. If you want to get away from the city centre, you can travel to the Peak District and immerse yourself in nature.

  1. Durham

Durham is the home of one of the most impressive Romanesque cathedrals in the country. Surrounded by trees and foliage, it is one of the first things you will see as you enter this city. Just like a classic British city, the streets are lined with cobbles and narrow lanes which wind through the area. If you love the idea of travelling back to medieval times for the day, this is the perfect place to see.

Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle
  1. Edinburgh

The capital of Scotland is one of the most stunning cities of all. It is one of the more romantic locations to visit in the UK, as the cobbled streets, cute cafés and the stunning castle transport you into another world completely for a few days. If you love comedy, then the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is a great event to visit in the city, where you’ll be able to see up and coming comedians performing as well as seasoned professions. Delve into the history of Scotland at the museum and take a tour around the castle, looking out over the city.

  1. Glasgow

Glasgow is the epitome of Scottish character and vibrancy. Full of diversity, colour and life: this city is the perfect place to visit for a lively time. Visit plenty of bars and restaurants, walk around the Georgian buildings and take in the sights and smells of modern Scotland.

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