The Top Seven Most Interesting UK Airbnbs


Log Cabin

Airbnb has opened up a whole new realm of possible stays for travellers, as well as potential income for the many people turning to ‘hosting’ as their side-hustle. Opening up their log cabins or even their own residences, Airbnb hosts work tirelessly to make their accommodation appealing. Of course, the quirky and unique stays stand out in the crowd, and they are prime picks for people looking for a summer holiday with a difference. In this article, we’ll be taking a virtual trip to the coolest Airbnb rentals, from the Bubble Suit in Mexico to a treehouse in Atlanta.


Number of guests: Up to 4

Bedrooms: 1

Cool factor: A sci-fi lover’s dream, this accommodation lets you sleep in a UFO!

Away from fantasy now and jumping into the future. This Airbnb listing is out of this world; how would you like to spend a night or two sleeping in a spaceship? The UFO comes with all your earthly comforts, such as basic kitchen equipment, video games, and Wi-Fi. The futuristic, sleek white décor will certainly beam up a smile to your face, while the surrounding seaside resort will let you set your feet firmly back on the ground when needed.

Hobbit House

Photo by Ian Voce on Unsplash

Hobbit House – Pengenffordd

Number of guests: Up to 2

Bedrooms: 1

Cool factor: The house is built underground and is a perfect reflection of Tolkien’s Hobbiton.

Staying with the fantasy theme here, if you’re more a Tolkienite than a Targaryen, take a look at this beautiful earth house. Shaped after the classic comfort of a Hobbit hole from the master author’s works, this small but cosy space has a wood-fired cooker and Wi-Fi access for the perfect level of traditional and modern amenities. There are fantastic areas for a good walk, and you can even take the owner’s friendly dog Bear with you on your strolls.

Plus, you can’t be a Hobbit without loving a good pint – there’s a pub just down the road from the Hobbit House.

Tent in the Trees – Northamptonshire

Number of guests: Up to 3

Bedrooms: 1

Cool factor: The tent is suspended in the air between the trees!

If tree houses aren’t quirky enough for you, how about a tree tent? Suspended in the trees of Northamptonshire, this truly is a stay out in nature: host Pauline notes that the closest neighbour to your tent will be Gabe the horse.

Snuggle up in the trees as the tent lightly rocks between the branches. For those who like the idea of falling sleep in a hammock but are too worried about falling out, this will give you a fool-proof way of achieving that same gently-swaying sleep sensation.

Tree House

Photo by Jacalyn Beales on Unsplash

The Jet Star – Redberth

Number of guests: Up to 4

Bedrooms: 1

Cool factor: The ‘building’ is a 1970’s private jet plane.

Why book a hotel and a flight when you can have both in one package? The Jet Star is a quirky accommodation choice for sure, but its combination of luxury and comfort is truly the stand out feature here. It has all the amenities a guest would expect, including Wi-Fi, a fully equipped kitchen, and electrical sockets.

As an added bonus, the cockpit has an Xbox installed with aeroplane-themed games.

The Garden Refuge – Naunton

Number of guests: Up to 3

Bedrooms: 1

Cool factor: This ‘tiny house’ is a cabin hidden away in nature.

Nestled away at the bottom of the garden, among the reeds and beside a beautiful pond, is the Garden Refuge. This tiny house uses space so economically you’ll never feel cramped, with a double bed and a mezzanine.

Hide away from the world with this perfect little digital detox. Plus, for a glamourous uplift, be sure to check out the luxury wet room.


Image by Bernd Hildebrandt from Pixabay

Templar Tree House – Narbeth

Number of guests: Up to 2 adults or families with small children.

Bedrooms: 3

Cool factor: This treehouse has a private hot-tub, garden, pond and firepit.

Everyone wanted a tree house as a child but not many of us were lucky enough to have one. Well, now that you’re all grown up, make the most of that new freedom with a trip to the gorgeous Templar Tree House. This tree house will certainly scratch that age-old itch to live in a treehouse, while having a number of added indulgences, such as a private hot tub and firepit. Either would make a lovely spot for sipping a glass of wine…

Live Like a King – Galway

Number of guests: Up to 4

Bedrooms: 1

Cool factor: This accommodation is a castle built in the 1400s.

If you’ve been loving Game of Thrones, then this next one is for you. Peter is offering guests full use of the top two floors of his restored castle, Caher Castle. The master bedroom where guests stay is the highest room in the castle, so you’ll certainly feel like royalty here. With access to the parapet, living quarters, kitchen, bath and master bedroom, you can act like king of the castle.

The listing is certainly as popular as it is quirky, with Airbnb reporting that Caher Castle is its most visited private room listing ever as of March 2019.

Main image by Kirk Fisher from Pixabay

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