See The World At Any Age: Gorgeous Senior-Friendly Hiking Trips

Machu Picchu

No matter our age, our love of nature and the outdoors never goes away. While hiking can get difficult as we age, that does not have to stop us! We can still get out on the trail and have a good time enjoying nature, getting in some exercise, and having a great time with friends and family. In this article, we are going to show you a few gorgeous senior-friendly hiking trips that you can take with anyone.

Peru and Bolivia

Hiking in Bolivia and Peru can be an amazing experience as there is so much to see and take part in! Taking this 20-day trip means you might need the best hiking poles so you can get through some of the rugged areas.

On this particular trip, you start in La Paz, Bolivia, and continue on through Lima, Peru. On the way, you can hike through the Amazon jungle, visit the Murillo Museum where you will get to explore the heritage of the area and see the Uyui Salt Flats. From there, you can climb up the Altiplano Mountain range, which is over 12,000 feet high and see the Royal Cordillera peaks and then head down to the Copacabana Peninsula.

After this you can explore Taquile Island, where there are shrines, hilltops and see the Taquile Indians who live there. Before you head to Machu Picchu, you should visit Cuzco where there are stone walls from the Incans, as well as ruined palaces and that will take you to the Urubamba River to Machu Picchu.

You should also take a flight over the Andes to Puerto Maldonado and take a canoe through the Tambopata River where you will enter the Amazon rainforest. Here, you’ll see various wildlife and take in sights that very few ever see.

Ballestas Islands

Once you’re finished here, you can fly to Lima and hike down the Paracas Peninsula where you will see the Ballestas, a volcanic island that is home to sea lions, penguins, pelicans and many animals within the refuge. You can then wrap up the tour at Nazca Lines where there was much life before the Europeans arrived here.


This exciting hiking tour is also great for all ages and will take you through Romania and Hungary on a 20-day trip. You will start out in Bucharest, Romania, and go through Transylvania to Hungary. Going through the Carpathian Mountains, you will get to see ancient areas of culture and eat some of the local food. On the way, you will see lots of medieval locations, including castles and the town of Sighisoara and Brasov.

Here you can visit Bran Castle, which is also known as Dracula’s Castle, as well as explore the monasteries and then head to the Apuseni Mountains in search of more castles and learn about the customs and traditions as well as eat the local cuisine.

Bran Castle

Once you get into Hungary, you can see a UNESCO World Heritage Site called the Pusta in the Hortobagy National Park. Following that, there is a trek through Budapest and the Danube Bent and the Pearl of Danube. Incredibly beautiful, Budapest is renowned for its many spas, baths, museums, galleries and much more.

Canadian Rockies

On this particular 7-day tour, you get to start and end in Banff, Alberta. Here, you should consider the best ultralight tent as you will need it. Set off in the Columbia Mountain Range, which is in the western portion of the Rocky Mountain Trench. They run along the Rocky Mountains but do no connect and are actually older than the Rockies themselves.

You can take the tour at your own pace, so this is great for seniors who need a little more time. You will get to visit Cobalt Lake and many beautiful places and even heli-hike here, which means you’ll get aerial views of some of the most breathtaking places near the Canadian Rockies.

Banff National Park, Alberta

This area does have various terrains, but at the end of the day, you’ll get to pamper yourself with a massage and try the amazing local food. You can also take a dip in the outdoor saunas.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an amazing place to visit with all of its natural beauty and wonders. Known for its national parks, you will get to see a lot of wildlife as well as volcanoes and sandy white beaches. You will also see more protected species than in the US and Canada combined.

You’ll start and end in San Jose and begin by visiting Toruguero National Park and trek to Baulio Carrillo National Park and get to see the wildlife and visit the canals. After this, you can take the Sarapiqui rafting trip and visit some hot spring and a volcano. You will love the Eco-Termales Hot Water Springs as well as the Arenal Volcano.

Costa Rica

You will also get to visit the Blue River where you can hike, visit waterfalls and go swimming and horseback riding. From here, you will go to Playa Panama and enjoy its beach and visit an indigenous pottery village before heading to the Poas Volcano and exploring that and the nearby coffee plantation before heading back to San Jose to wrap up the trip.

On this 13-day trip you get three national parks, get to see the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and so much more, from the rainforest and volcanoes, to the beaches and coral reefs and animals, taking home lasting memories of Costa Rica.


So are you ready to gather some friends or family and hit the trail? These places around the world are great for seniors and offer a ton of beautiful scenery and much more as you trek through the country checking out the wildlife, rainforests and volcanoes. There is so much to see and do on these trips and hope one of these senior-friendly trips will be the right one for you. Happy hiking!

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