Four Reasons To Own A Blog While Travelling


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Travelling is something that more of us should be doing because not only is it an opportunity to see the wonders of the world but to also learn more about ourselves and others around us. With different cultures and ways of living, it can really help to expand our knowledge and awareness of others. So with that being said, owning a blog can really help with your travel experiences and here’s four reasons why.

It documents your memories

One of the best things about owning a travel blog is that it’s a great way of documenting your memories. It can act as an online journal for you to talk about all the experiences you’ve had whilst travelling. Whether that’s on a daily basis, weekly or occasionally, it’s a great way of remembering all the things you’ve done and experienced on your travels. Our memories can last a long time but eventually, you’ll begin to forget and so having the photos and information online can really help you relive and to share with others, your adventures.

Whether you look back on it in a few years or twenty years down the line, it’ll always be there. So long as you’re able to keep paying for the domain.

Has the potential to become a full-time venture

There is a lot of potential that can come with travel blogging, one being that it can for some, become a full-time venture. There are plenty of companies and brands that want to advertise via popular social media channels, including blog sites and if you manage to build a successful one, this could happen for you.


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It’s important to build up a blog that’s consistent when you post and that the quality is there in every post that you make. If you do manage to make it a successful venture, then it’s worth getting a virtual address through because it can always look good to have a business address even when running an online blog.

Builds a community

When you’re travelling, there are likely to be plenty of opportunities to meet other people from all over the place. However, you’re also going to likely inspire others who read your blogs to go travelling too. As such, you can begin to create this online community of followers that not only engage with your posts but perhaps make travel decisions made on your experiences or recommendations.

May offer free and unique opportunities

One of the things that can come from blogging is the freebies and opportunities presented whilst traveling. As you also get to go all over the globe, these opportunities could pop up anywhere. It means that you can reduce your financial expense in some ways with a free meal here and a free excursion there. Again, it’s dependent on how often you blog and it’s popularity, but it can certainly be worth having when it comes to travelling.

Owning a blog is a good option for those who want to merely write and document their experiences to possibly create a business out of it!

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