The Road Less Travelled: Unusual Holiday Alternatives


Unusual Holiday with Farmer in Vietnam

Holidays are all about booking that package flight and hotel in the same place you went to for the last five years straight, right? Then you can meet up with Beryl and Derrick and have the same conversation, over the same cocktail, and the same meal as you do every year!  Alternatively, if you are looking to change things up a bit why not pick your next break from the unusual selection below.

Working Holiday

Now, a working holiday may sound like an oxymoron, but they do exist, and they can be a very satisfying experience. The idea is that you spend your time not only taking in new sites but also helping out someone else that is in need. This may be in the form of assisting them with a construction project, volunteering your skills like tutoring, or even helping out on a spiritual retreat.

Working for your holiday can make a fun and unusual break.

Mountain Bus - Unusual Tour

In return, you usually get room and board provided, something that can make it a super cheap break. Other benefits including meeting like-minded people, and learning a new skill like some specialised forms of house building, and things like meditation, so why not give one of these unusual options a go next time you have some time off work?

Touring Holiday

For those folks that get bored sitting on the beach or by the pool, a touring holiday can be an excellent choice. The concept behind them is that you don’t just stay resident in one hotel, but travel around a particular area, seeing as much as you can.

Green Island

There are so many options available with this sort of break as well, from the slower high-end cruises to the very basic biking breaks that you can plan yourself. Something that means there is a choice for everybody and every budget.

You can even consider a sailboat charter and do your touring by sea, and have your accommodation thrown in for one single price. Alternatively, booking a place on a coach tour that will deposit you from one site to the other with the minimum of hassle, making it perfect for folks that want to see lots but also want to be able to relax on the journey itself.

Lion on Safari

Safari Holiday

Lastly, an unusual but much coveted holiday is a safari. This similar to a tour break but with the focus on seeing certain landscapes and animals instead of places.

Most people think of Africa when discussing safaris, a trip that can often including touring some of the most famous national parks such as the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya and Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area in Tanzania. Places in which you can see exotic animals such as lions, elephants, and giraffes. Such trips usually take place over a number of days and include some time spent staying in the outback.

However, it is worth remembering that there are other forms of safari available too. These include ones that are conducted in Arctic regions like Iceland and Norway where the focus is on looking for things like whales and arctic foxes. Something that can make a truly unusual but spectacular break.

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