How To Keep Your Mind Calm If You’re Nervous For Your Pending Travels


Keep your mind calm when flying

Everyone knows that trying new things is both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. Some people take it all in their stride and only get a few nerves. The excitement takes over, so the anxiety doesn’t really ever crop up. Not everyone is like that, though. When significant events occur, many people might see nothing but problems and worry about pretty much every instance they’ll find themselves in.

This kind of attitude happens to many people right before they head on vacation or go travelling for the first time. While it’s an amazing experience and something that one should never turn down, the anxiety can still creep in. It’s not something that we all desire, but it’s there and it can be difficult to remove.

If you want a stress-free trip to a destination of your dreams, then you’re going to have to make sure you do a few things that keep you from losing your cool. A healthy mind in regard to a trip like this won’t just happen, you need to make sure you train your brain and keep things ticking over nicely. It won’t happen overnight, but the good thing is that it won’t take all that much specificity, most of what you’ll need to do is very basic. You just sort of need to boost your confidence levels up and to make yourself more competent leading up to the big first day. Here are just a few things you can do:

Stay in a positive mind frame

If you continually picture negative outcomes and assume things are going to go badly, then the chances are that the negative outcomes will likely follow you. For some reason, we tend to attract the thinking style and end up in situations that we really want to avoid. If you think negatively about lots of different outcomes, you’ll also likely end up disliking or not fully enjoying when things DO go well. You’ll probably pick out negatives where they would be difficult to find. It’s a habit that you should really do your best not to get into. If you remain positive and think about all the amazing possibilities that are out there, you’ll probably have a way better time. After all, the majority of experiences in life are based on your own mindset, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, as the saying goes.

Making travel plans

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Do your research

If you know what you’re going to be heading into, then it makes the entire situation a lot easier to handle. Nobody likes the perilous feeling of heading into the darkness of the unknown. We, as humans, do not like walking into a workplace we’ve not been to before or meeting up with someone we have never met before. It’s only natural that we’d feel horrendously nervous about jetting off to a new, unknown island without knowing much about it! Do a little research into the culture and the area in general at the very least – it’ll stop you from worrying too much beforehand.

Prepare absolutely everything

When you have a pretty nervy event coming up, constantly talking about it or trying to prepare for it can be a detrimental thing. The majority of the time, though, it’s great to prepare most aspects. If you feel as though you have something missing and you don’t want to wait until the last minute, then you’ll want to be proactive and get it done now. The more you have prepared, the less overthinking you’ll do when it comes to the big day or the week leading up to it. You’ll be able to live your life without panicking because you know you’ll have pretty much everything covered. It sounds boring and tedious, but you’ll thank yourself and give yourself a pat on the back once it’s sorted.

Don’t view it as a huge, huge deal

We often have the unfortunate characteristic of putting things very high on a pedestal when there’s absolutely no need to do so. We look back at silly moments where we’ve looked a little foolish. We put people we admire on pedestals and make ourselves feel inferior to them. We do this a lot with moments too. It’s not a great way to think. You need to drag it down and raise yourself above it in order to avoid any kind of imposter syndrome or feeling of inadequacy. It’s going to be an exciting adventure, but don’t make out like it’s the be-all and end-all in your life! It’s a fun trip and not a life-defining situation.

Keep yourself busy a lot of the time

When you have everything handled, that’s when you can probably keep your mind occupied with other things. One of the best ways to avoid overthinking is to go out and do things you love, of course. You need to make sure you are content with your life and that you’re keeping yourself busy in order to build your confidence in life. The main issue you may be having with the pre-travelling nerves is an overall lack of confidence and a little discontent. Make sure everything is going okay personally so that you can worry much less about the pending travels.

A clear mind set

Image by Dariusz Sankowski from Pixabay

Practice packing

As simple as this sounds, it can go a LONG way in making you feel more ready. In the days leading up to your trip, the packing can be quite stressful, especially if you aren’t fully aware of what to take. It might make you sound like a militant and routine individual but practicing the packing with a proper checklist can make everything a lot easier. You’ll know where each item goes, and you’ll know which items you can leave behind. Again, leaving it all to the last minute can absolutely ruin your mindset.

Remember that the world isn’t trying to trick you

It’s easy to feel as though you’re trying to be caught out and that someone is trying to get the better of you. That’s not how the world works. There are nearly eight billion people in the world, so it would be nigh-on impossible to control the lives of others. Companies that try to put you on a plan and set up your travelling experience want to make it as simple as possible for you. If it’s simple for you, then you’ll keep going with them and giving them good reviews. They will in turn, look very good. Every single person and group involved with your trip wants you to have the best time – don’t forget this.

Plan something exciting to keep you motivated

During your trip, make sure you plan on doing or seeing something worthwhile. If you’re just heading to a new place in order to get away, then that’s fine, but a little added extra would increase your motivation massively. Whether you have a special landmark you’d like to see or whether you plan on being a volunteer in South Africa for a few weeks, make sure you have it all scheduled.

Make sure you’re bringing the right company

The people who will be joining you can make or break the trip. If you plan on travelling solo, then you won’t have to worry too much about this idea unless you’re meeting up with fellow travelling companions later on down the line. Heading on a trip with the wrong people can make the entire occasion negative. Make sure you’ve picked the best possible person or group so that you can enjoy every single minute. Even the greatest locations and the wildest trips can be brought down with the wrong crowd.

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