Things To Keep In Mind When Travelling To Canada


Toronto and eTA visa requirements

A visit to Canada will bring many pleasant surprises to any traveller and whether you are an experienced tourist or a first-time visitor, you can never get enough of this country, bearing in mind that it is the second largest country in the world, with so much to offer visitors and tourists alike.

Travelling to Canada can be a rewarding experience, since the country has so many wonderful tourist attractions, from great skiing out west in places like Vancouver and Whistler Blackcomb in British Columbia to the spectacular Niagara Falls in Ontario in the east.

Here are just some things to keep in mind when visiting Canada to ensure you make the most from your trip and enjoy your time in this friendly and large North American country, rich in natural beauty.

Vancouver in the Fall
Vancouver in the Fall

Travel requirements

Travelling to Canada has become a little more complicated in recent years as new restrictions on entry to the border have been imposed. Documentation requirements for moving to Canada change regularly, so it is essential to verify these requirements before leaving your own country. When you have everything in place for your visit, do make sure the visa application process is not an obstacle and allow yourself plenty of time and beware of any other anomalies.

A new Canadian entrance requirement for visa-exempt foreign citizens travelling or transiting through Canada is that you now need an electronic travel authorisation visa also called a Canada eTA to travel to Canada. This particular authorisation is directly related to an individual’s passport and is valid for a period of five years or until your passport expires, whichever is soonest. Canadian eTA processing tends to be pretty fast and straightforward enough for most people. But it’s worth taking a look at some crucial information requirements about the Canadian eTA before submitting your application.

Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls

Plan your trip

If you plan to travel to Canada, you must decide why you want to visit the country in advance to determine which category you belong to. No, we do not mean travel arrangements, but are talking about making a list of what you plan to do and where you will go when you are in Canada. If you want to make the most of your visit, you should plan ahead and make sure that you have already allocated money and time for each item listed in your itinerary.

Making your travel arrangements

It means that you must also find suitable accommodation among the many hotels Canada has to offer. Depending on which city or cities you plan to visit and stay in, you can always find plenty of information on The Internet about the many hotels available and nightly rates. We would suggest that you book well in advance to take advantage of discounts or special promotions.

Fairmont Hotel in Toronto
The Fairmont Hotel in Toronto

Becoming familiar with the local transportation system and knowing the best mode of transport will prove extremely useful. Whether you rent a car, take a taxi or use public transport, you should know where and how to get them and what the associated costs are, even before you set foot in the country, so you don’t start your trip with any transportation problems. And it is worth making sure you bring a comprehensive travel guide with you. While it is highly recommended you research any cities you plan to visit and the sites you want to see, a useful travel guide will always be a valuable tool when it comes to travelling, particularly if you don’t have Internet access all the time.

And finally

A trip to Canada is a wonderful experience, whichever part of the country you choose to visit and one that you and your loved ones or travel companions will really appreciate and remember for a long time. To ensure it’s a huge success, just be sure to plan ahead and you are sure to have a memorable time. Try not to leave anything until the last minute and most important of all, ensure that your Canada eTA application has gone through before your departure date or you might have a very disappointing visit to the airport!

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