How To Travel Like A Millionaire (Without Millions In The Bank)


Zermatt in Switzerland
Zermatt in Switzerland

We’d all like to travel as frequently as we could. And not just travel in any old manner, but travel in style. Wouldn’t it be great to take a trip that seems like it was designed for the rich and famous? You bet it would. The good news is that you don’t necessarily need to have millions in the bank to have a millionaire-worthy holiday. That might make it easier, sure, but it’s not essential. In this article, we’re going to run through some useful tips that’ll allow you to take a trip that’ll live long in the memory, even if you’re not a millionaire.

When to travel

If you want to travel to a destination during the most popular times of the year, then yes, you’re going to have to pay for the luxury. But the secret about world-class destinations is that, well, they’re pretty amazing all year round. They might receive the most plaudits during the high season, but it’s not as if the other periods of the year aren’t amazing. When you’re looking at visiting something luxurious, take a look at going during the shoulder seasons. They’ll be less expensive and can also bring other benefits (for example, fewer people).

Where to travel

Of course, where you’re going will have an impact. If you want to go to, say, Switzerland, then yes, you’ll have to pay through the roof. However, it’s always worth remembering that no matter which expensive area you want to visit, there will be a cheaper alternative available. For instance, instead of visiting Switzerland, you could visit Slovenia. It’s nowhere near as famous, but it has everything that the Swiss have to offer, at a much lower price. Remember that places like Switzerland are expensive for reasons that have nothing to do with travel, so put your money to better use.

Where to stay

It’s not just the destination you’ll be looking at. Where you stay counts for a lot too. Indeed, if you want to take a luxury holiday, then making sure that the accommodation is perfect is essential. While there will always be 5 star hotels for you to stay in, it’s worthwhile looking at renting your own place. They can be more luxurious yet end up costing less. For instance, Mykonos villas are spectacularly beautiful and large. Once you’ve divided the nightly rental place by the number of guests, you’ll find that the villa is not only a fantastic place to stay but that it’s oddly affordable, too. It’ll be hard not to feel like you’re a millionaire when you’re looking out at a beautiful view, from the comfort of your own luxury villa!

Live like a millionaire in a villa
Private Villa – Photo credit: Passepartout Homes

Private planes and yachts

Now, we know the idea of taking a private plane or yacht might sound like a truly luxury experience that many people can’t afford. However, that’s not really the case. There are sites where you book private planes on a last-minute basis, and if you have enough people, then you might only end up paying around $90 or so. That’s extremely cheap for a private plane! And while you may be unable to afford an around-the-world yacht trip, it’s possible that you can afford to rent one for the day. It’ll give you a taste of the luxury life without the high expense.

Dining out

Is there anything more luxurious than fine dining? It can be an other-worldly experience! If you identify a luxury restaurant, then check out the prices because they’re not always as expensive as they seem. If you can’t afford dinner, then try lunch. However, we’ll always recommend paying that little bit extra to eat well.

Luxury touches

Finally, look at incorporating some additional luxury touches into your travels too. Remember, luxury isn’t about how much money you have in your bank, it’s an approach to life. For instance, you might find that there’s an outstanding spa or a massage parlour, or a place to buy say, the finest hats in the country. Individually all of these things don’t cost all that much, yet they can infuse a trip with some much needed luxury.


Travelling should inspire and make us feel like we’re living our best life. So let’s make sure that’s the case. While you might not be able to take a luxury trip every time you go on a holiday, it’ll be worthwhile making the extra effort every now and again. Indeed, it might be worthwhile making it a priority for your first trip once the coronavirus-related restrictions have been lifted.

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