Helpful Travelling Tips For A Family With Kids

Family Beach Holiday with Kids

Family vacations are great ways to have bonding time with your kids. It’s an excellent time to forget about work or busy schedules and explore new destinations. When travelling with toddlers or babies, you may be wondering where to start. Although travelling isn’t going to be perfect, the family outing should be extraordinary if you stay organised. Being prepared can relieve some of the stress that comes with travelling. Here are some tips to make travel with toddlers and/or babies a little easier.

Staying sane with a family on a plane

Travelling can be difficult, but in a plane environment, it can be even more challenging to keep your kids under control, so remember to pack things that will keep them occupied and happy such as books, games to play and even a tablet so they can watch kids’ movies.

Keeping your baby happy

It can be a challenge to keep a 9-month-old happy. Take a little stroll through the aisle every hour if you have to. It can also help you to stretch if it’s a really long trip.

Family at lake with the kids

Staying warm

Have you noticed how cold it is in airplanes? They can never quite get the air-conditioning right to suit everyone. When going on your summer travels, it’s essential to bring a blanket along (sounds funny doesn’t it). Airplanes are usually cooler so pack accordingly or wear layers that you can add shed and help you keep control of your body temperature. Airlines tend to charge for extras such as blankets these days, so think ahead.

Get creative with packing

Bringing the baby means baby formula, wipes, diapers, and more. These items can quickly fill the space in any suitcase. You can order items on Amazon to ship those baby essentials to your destination. This can be an affordable way to get the things you need without all the hassle. You can also mail your own things to a destination, it can be expensive but it’s nice to have a less luggage to worry about and it may save you on extra airline baggage fees.

Call the hotel

If you’re staying at a hotel or resort, you should call ahead to make them aware that you are travelling with your family and ask for assistance with items such as cribs. Be sure that the crib is up to safety standards. Some hotels might even help with toys and higher end hotels even offer kids’ welcome gifts and treats to keep them happy!

Watching sunset with kids

Still need toys?

Buying second-hand can help you save when it comes to toys for your kids while on vacation.

Other helpful tips

Getting through the lines in the airport can be overwhelming with children. Staying organised is a must.

You should take your baby out of the stroller or carrier, so it can go through the scanner. Keep your boarding pass handy. It can be easy to lose it when handling the kids and since you’re going to more than likely use it multiple times, it’s best to keep it in your hands. Try to gather the family possessions quickly as it reaches the other side of the scanner. We know it can be difficult to encourage your kids to put Teddy through the scanner, but let them know they’ll see their friend on the other side!


A family vacation doesn’t have to be super stressful. You will have more fun by staying organised. As for destinations, it’s great to choose family friendly environments where there are multiple activities to enjoy in close range. This can make it easier for a family with toddlers. Consider an Ocean City Resort for your next trip. Princess Bayside offers a number of activities for family travellers. They have a number of specials going on, including a $50 Casino Slot Players card for those who stay 2 or 3 nights! Happy travels!

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