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If you’re an avid gambler it might be helpful to know of the restrictions that are in place in foreign countries. That way when you go on you holidays you can know what to expect, it’s not always as easy as logging on to play casino online from Betfair. Some of these may shock you, some may come as no surprise at all, but all are heavily enforced by law, so don’t let yourself get into trouble and make sure you read up before choosing your next holiday destination.

Completely illegal destinations

Quite often you will find people headed to similar sunshine destinations for their holidays, but these are some of the countries that are for the more adventurous traveller. In these countries, gambling is illegal in some way or another for online and offline users, so be sure to check out the areas you’re headed to in these countries if you wish to gamble.

China – popular for the Great Wall of China and stunning skyscrapers in Shanghai – many Chinese natives head to Macau or Hong Kong to gamble these days as they cannot in their home cities.

Israel – although the country is in conflict with Palestine, the nation has beautiful stunning scenery and other historic artefacts to explore, although gambling is illegal.

Maldives – online gambling is perfect for those who love to lie around in the sun, and so is the Maldives. But be aware though, as you won’t be able to gamble on honeymoon if the Maldives is your destination, these two do not mix well.

Gambling restrictions in the Maldives

Image of the Maldives by Bettina Nørgaard from Pixabay

Restrictive destinations

There are some destinations that you wouldn’t expect to have any restrictions on them. These destinations are extremely popular for tourism and are often the ones highlighted to us in travel brochures and online deals. These popular destinations have some restrictions in place when it comes to gambling, so check before you fly!

Barbados – in the popular Caribbean destination, land-based gambling is illegal, which means you can only gamble online.

Cyprus – often a popular destination for families and younger travellers, this Mediterranean destination only allows online sports betting, but you must have a license to provide it.

Czech Republic – popular for stag and hen holidays, especially in the city of Prague. This European country doesn’t allow the majority of online gambling – only online lottery and online sportsbook betting is legal.

France – believe it or not, online casino gambling is completely illegal in France despite other online gambling being okay.

Italy – when in Rome… be sure to check the site you’re using is legal. Some online casinos are completely banned!

New Zealand – this one might shock you but down under, local casinos are banned online so you must use a foreign casino that you’re more familiar with.

United States of America – although the law varies between different states, you must check each state carefully as you enter it as some online operators and some online casinos are banned.

No gambling restrictions in Monaco

Image of Casino de Monte-Carlo by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

Unlikely destinations

Among the popular destinations and the ones which surprisingly have restrictions, there are some people who want to travel to the far corners of the world and to places none of their friends have been. A lot of these countries are third world countries and they all face gambling restrictions. Algeria, Belarus, Indonesia, Iran and Jordan all enforce total gambling bans.

Some countries in Europe don’t have any regulations surrounding gambling including Andorra, Kosovo, Lichtenstein, Moldova and Monaco. It’s no surprise that the Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco is one of the most famous in the world where the rich flock to bet their millions of hard-earned cash.

Top image of Shanghai by hbieser from Pixabay

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