6 Things You Must Know When Travelling To Punta Mita


Surfing in Punta Mita

Punta Mita, which is located 16 kilometers from Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, is a fishing village and well-known luxury resort on the country’s Pacific coast.  The climate is extremely pleasant, with the region enjoying a warm, stable temperature almost all year round. And this is what makes it a top choice for many people who are looking to just laze around the beaches at the resorts.

To reach Punta Mita, you will need to take a 3-hour flight from California to Puerto Vallarta if travelling from the West Coast. And from there, you just need to drive for about an hour to reach the resort. Below, we will look at a few things you must know about Punta Mita that will help you enjoy your time here better.

Golf Course in Punta Mita

Time of your Visit

As far as the best time to visit is concerned, you can check into the place at almost any time of the year and you are pretty much guaranteed to have a pleasant time. This mostly has to do with the year-round stable climate of the region. Temperature-wise, you should expect the summers to hit an average of 85˚ Fahrenheit, and the winters to be around 75˚ Fahrenheit. However, most people choose to visit between November and April, which is said to be the most pleasant. And if you are not too fond of the summer heat, then you should avoid visiting Punta Mita during July and August.


Looking for the perfect place to stay in Punta Mita? Then Casa del Campo is definitely where you should be heading to. It boasts of two golf courses, tennis clubs, and private beaches and pickup from the airport is available at no extra cost. So, don’t forget to look for Punta Mita Villa Rentals for your next vacation.

Humpback Whale in Punta Mita


The region is surrounded by spots that should please visitors who are interested in surfing. The waves remain consistent for pretty much all of the day, which ensures that surfers have a good time doing what they do, no matter what skill level they are on. In addition to surfing, the place is also perfect for one of its offshoots – stand up paddle boarding. And if you are someone who has no experience in these activities, then don’t worry. There are surfing and stand up paddle boarding schools which provide short-term courses that will make you proficient.

Hidden Beaches

If you are fond of exploring hidden secluded beaches, then Punta Mita has a small group of islands known as the Islas Marietas. On that island, behind a heavy wall of rock is a hidden beach that is popular with the more adventurous visitors. Known as the Playa Escondida, this secluded beach is revered by many travellers from across the globe. It was in fact listed as one of the top 50 beaches in the world by The Guardian.

Dolphins in Punta Mita

Whale Watching and Marine Safari

Punta Mita also sees a large-scale migration of whales during the winter months. Playing around mostly near the Bay of Banderas, you can watch the males compete with each other to attract the females during the annual breeding season. What’s more, you may also be lucky enough to witness new calves playing with their mothers. The most common type of whales you will find are the humpback whales. You are guaranteed to be mesmerised by the unique sounds that they emit which sound like songs.  And the sight of these mammoth creatures leaping through the air and crashing onto the ocean is a sight that you’ll always remember from your visit. You should also look out for marine safari trips that will introduce you to potential swarms of dolphins, Giant Pacific Manta Rays and more.


The waters of the region also make for a perfect fishing spot. You can find numerous excursions that will take you into the deep waters of the ocean, where you can enjoy a great fishing experience. You can catch many types of fish, ranging from the Yellow Fin Tuna, Blue Marlin, Mahi-Mahi and so on. Some excursions will also offer you spearfishing opportunities where you just snorkel in the ocean depths and can catch any fish you want, with the guidance of professional fishermen. The chef will even turn your catch into a delicious meal. You can choose to go for fishing either by sticking to the coastal areas or by venturing deep into the surrounding ocean.

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