5 Jet Lag Remedies For Long-Haul Travel


Avoid jet lag on long-haul flight

Your bags are packed, you’ve checked in online, your boarding passes are printed out and you have cleared your schedule for the next fortnight.  You are about to take a much-deserved holiday away from your 9 to 5 routine, and you can’t wait to get there.

While you are excited to visit and explore a new culture, work on your foreign language skills, eat the local food and take hundreds of photographs to share with your friends on social media, you are not looking forward to the long flight and inevitable jet lag that goes with it.  Even short haul flights can take their toll, so you know you will probably get walloped by your multiple time zone travels.  Fortunately, there are plenty of effective ways to combat or lessen the wearying effects of jet lag, so you arrived refreshed and ready to start exploring from day one.

Good night's sleep to combat jet lag

Change your schedule prior to leaving

Try to nip as much jet lag in the bud as possible by changing your wake/sleep schedule ahead of time.  Try to move things back an hour each day for at least a few days, even if it means ending up going to bed at 7:00pm. and waking up at the crack of dawn.  You’ll thank yourself when you are bright eyed and bushy tailed the other side of the world.

Try to sleep on the plane

If you are able to catch a few hours’ sleep on the plane it will really help you arrive at your destination a little more refreshed and ready to go exploring straightaway.  Pack some earplugs and eye shades or sleep masks in your carry-on baggage, and maybe even consider investing in a small soft pillow for additional comfort as those airline pillows they give you are never that comfortable.  I always take my Bose noise cancelling headphones with me, which I find make a big difference in cutting out the roar of the aircraft’s engines.

Eunoia Wellbeing Set to combat jet lag

Drink more water and less alcohol

Whilst the stresses of travel may make you crave a nice glass or two of wine or beer whilst on a long flight, try to avoid the craving and drink plenty of water instead.  Travelling at altitude dehydrates you and alcohol only makes it worse.  While one small cocktail to help you relax and snooze won’t hurt, too much alcohol on the other hand, especially spirits will tend to give you a bad headache.  So do try to drink as much water as possible during a long flight, as it will pay dividends when you touch down at your destination.

Cover up the evidence

Despite your best efforts to prevent jet lag, you may find you spend the first couple of days of your holiday with those annoying bags under your eyes and a blotchy face.  Some of you may want to cover up the evidence by bringing along high-quality makeup such as foundations and concealers.  Whilst makeup won’t cure the jet lag, it will certainly help perk up your appearance until you are well rested.

Eunoia Wellbeing

Try using Travel Pulse Oil

A lot of frequent flyers have discovered remedies that work for them by regulating the body’s sleep-wake cycle.  Another natural solution that may help, is a Travel Pulse Oil developed by Eunoia Well-being which is ideal for long-haul travelling.  Using natural organic essential oils, they have created special blends for different needs, creating aromatherapy sanctuaries to help you naturally restore the balance to your body.  Travel Pulse Oil is ideal for those long-haul flights and combines the natural benefits of Peppercorn and Clary Sage essential oils to combat some of the effects of jet lag, muscle tightness and indigestion.  So, you may want to consider investing in their Sleep Set before your holiday, which contains a Lavender and Chamomile Pillow Spray and Pulse Point Oil to help you unwind naturally and drift off to a good night’s sleep both on your flight and once you have reach your holiday destination.

Lastly, you may find British Airways jet lag advisor useful.  By answering a few questions on your upcoming trip and sleeping habits, you will get some helpful advice on the best things to do to minimise your jet lag.  Why not give it a go!

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