Where A High Roller Stays In Scandinavia

Nimb Hotel - Executive Suite

Scandinavia comprises of three very good-looking countries, Sweden, Denmark and Norway, but the chilly trio is home to more than just Vikings and 6’10” blond people eating crayfish and dancing round a symbolic penis (investigate Swedish Midsummer at your own risk). Boasting some of the most liveable cities in the world, it’s no surprise that a cheeky visit to this great Nordic land will put you back a few bob, but if you’ve got some to spare then there’s no better place to let your hair down and make it rain. Here’s the top pick of high-roller hotels to truly live it up Scandi-style in this sea-hugged peninsula, the pick is made by the website Norskenyheter.com and reproduced by us in English.

First up and straight out of Denmark is the Copenhagen gem of a Hotel Nimb, the silhouette of which is reminiscent of an Indian Palace. Upon gazing at the palatial exterior of the hotel, you could be mistaken in thinking that it is a huge complex home to 200+ rooms with guests aplenty: however, this is not the case.  This boutique hotel is home to just 17 rooms and 9 junior suites, which lends it a lovely home-away-from-home feel. Each space is decorated with one-of-a-kind antiques and artwork and has its own cosy fireplace and view of the beautiful Tivoli gardens. The hotel offers three on-site restaurants to choose from (one boasting a Michelin star), a cocktail lounge and a wine bar, so whatever your fancy is it’ll be more than catered for. If you do want to take in the sights, sounds and flavour of the city then the proximity to the Tivoli gardens will be a real treat.

Nimb Hotel Junior Suite

Next up on the Scandinavian bucket list is the refreshingly modern Norwegian Hotel Thief, the name of which comes from the neighbourhood that it’s located in, Tjuvholmen, which, back in the 18th century, was home to most of Oslo’s criminals, lending it the nickname ‘Thief Island’ – as an Australian I can definitely sympathise with this kind geographical stereotyping: I’m born from a once-penal colony, after all. This stylish hotel is a member of the Design Hotels group and manages to be both quirky and sophisticated all at the same time, a trademark of this avant garde hospitality club. If you fancy a bite to eat then you can check out the hotel’s restaurant Fru K, which incorporates a lot of sustainability measures and supports local farmers, so you can happily dine in the knowledge that your carbon footprint for the evening will be negligible. After dinner you can enjoy a post-prandial cocktail on Thief’s roof terrace and take in the views of Tjuvholmen’s vibrant art and music district.

Nimb Hotel Suite

Finally, it would be rude not to include a hotel from Sweden on this list, but with so many to choose from it’s hard to narrow it down to just one. In the end we’ve gone for The Grand Hotel in Stockholm; situated in the harbour directly across the water from the Royal Palace, The Grand Hotel has been a Swedish stalwart for high-class travel since 1874. In walking distance of the city’s main attractions including The National Art Museum, Parliament House and the historic old town Gamla Stan, guests will literally be able to enjoy Stockholm from their doorstep. If you’re weary from travels then you can enjoy a traditional Swedish massage in the Nordic Spa, which incorporates the local herbs and oils from the region. In terms of dining you’ll be spoilt for choice, having only to ponder whether you would like to have dinner in either the single or double Michelin-starred restaurants that are available. The Grand Hotel really shows off what Scandinavian opulence is all about and by jove we like it!

If you have any other Scandinavian hotels that you think belong on this list then please let us know in the comments section below.

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Melanie Chenoweth is a London based, freelance food writer and photographer. If you can eat it, she’ll snap it. Then eat it. Then write about it.

Photographs courtesy of Hotel Nimb

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