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Nixon Chops Tomahawk Chop

It was a dark day in Beverlywood, CA when Mexikosher closed its doors.  The epitome of Katsuji Tanabe unexpectedness – a Kosher Mexican hole in the wall turned neighbourhood gem – suddenly left us, and almost as suddenly, word spread of his next advent in culinary hybridization, where one cuisine would blur blissfully into the next.  With a Mexican bent, Japanese pedigree, and an eponymous homage to the president who once resided there, The NIXON Chops & Whiskey uprooted in unexpected locale, and lit up Uptown Whittier.

Yes, Whittier.

Those of us left befuddled and burritoless were fixed on finding out about this new steak anchored shake-up, albeit a bit beyond the bubble.  The only conventional thing happening was that Tanabe has never really befriended convention.  Thus, off to Whittier we’d venture.

Nixon Chops Bar
The Bar

Upon arrival it is clear he has not continued his kosher connection.  The Confit Half Pig Head (“Head of the Beast”) was our first tell.  Back up indicators included the Colorado Wagyu Flat Iron, Black Angus Beef Chops, and a mighty double cheeseburger fast food haunts hope you never try.  Popping by for a light bite is not something I’d recommend.

What I would, is just about everything else.  The scene is clubby, alive.  Lighting is low, energy is up, and the house is full.  The service is knowledgeable and accommodating.  Like his yen for fusing culture and cuisine, this place is stereotypical of nothing and conversely a cocktail of carnivorous cravings and creativity.

Nixon Chops Calamari

Vegetarians, you’ll be fine.   The sides (“comforts”) are served steakhouse style, ample and outrageous.  The spinach, cauliflower, Brussels, all excellent.  The Brussels can be ordered with or without bacon, but definitely with the vanilla butter.  Yes, on the vanilla butter.  If you order the mac and cheese you will scrape every last baked morsel off the cast iron and you will leave talking about it.

The Kampachi Ceviche, too.  Even with the avocado and buttermilk lime, that Habanero is sharp enough to set a small tear down your cheek.  Nothing a whiskey flight can’t take care of.  Luckily such is their speciality here.

Nixon Chops Mac and Cheese
Mac and Cheese

My sister raved about the filet.  Three times actually.  It’s enough to carry dinner plus two succeeding lunches, and never managed to disappoint, even on round three.  Prepared as expertly as you’d expect from Tanabe.  He’s not going to open a steakhouse unless he can do it like this.

And the broiled lobster is one to indulge in if you regularly do not, especially with those sides.  Same goes for the fried calamari.  Some things are just not worth ordering unless it’s a sure thing.  Having a Top Chef in the kitchen is as comforting as that mac and cheese.

Nixon Chops Whiskey Flight
Whiskey Flight

Order dessert even if you didn’t leave room.  Go off menu with the cara jillo – an after-dinner beverage literally lit on fire.  Roasted marshmallows make it so.  Possible I just determined my first destination drink.

Katsuji Tanabe has never left his mark without a gastronomic fortitude and flourish that had everywhere from the four-star Bastide to the Beverly Hills Mastro’s basking in his mastery.  You can expect to find him in the kitchen at The NIXON, this new love labor his current homebase, your new reason, to go check out the new steak with a side of swagger happening in Whittier.

Nixon Chops Booths
Comfortable Booths

The Details

The NIXON Chops & Whiskey, 13033 Philadelphia St., Whittier, CA. 90601, USA

Tel: +1(562) 698-3355


Street parking’s a breeze here which is a rare pleasure! The restaurant is open for lunch Tuesday to Friday from 11:00am to 3:00pm; Sunday Brunch from 11:00am to 3:00pm. Dinner Tuesday to Thursday from 5:00pm to 10:00pm; Friday and Saturday from 5:00pm to 11:00pm and Sunday from 5:00pm to 9:00pm. The El Speakeasy is open Wednesday and Thursday from 5:00pm to 10:00pm and Friday and Saturday from 5:00pm to 2:00am.

Type of Restaurant: Upscale Steakhouse and Whiskey Bar

Price Band: Medium to High

Insider Tip: Want the same but less? Drop into the connected El Silencio Speakeasy. There’s an abbreviated menu with full access to flavors of the Nixon.

Reviewer’s Rating: 8/10

Author Bio:

Jolie Loeb is a Luxury Lifestyle columnist based in Los Angeles.

Photographs courtesy of The NIXON Chops & Whiskey and by Jolie Loeb


  1. Whiskey flights, filets and a Top Chef? I totally know where I’m taking my brother the next time he is in town – ink. was his fave, and without it I was lost. Thank you Jolie for always coming to my rescue, even when you didn’t know you were doing it!

  2. This description of NIXON’S menu makes my mouth water – and I already ate a satisfying dinner today! Wow. Who can resist the unexpected melding of so many delectable flavors? Who dares resist broiled lobster – if they don’t serve this in heaven, I’m not interested in going – and that fabulous, scrape-the-pan-worthy Mac and Cheese? Father’s Day is coming, and I know where I will take the man who made me a mother…

  3. As a major steak eater, I am looking forward to trying this place. Good to know that there are vegetarian options as well so my brother in law’s family can join us too. I am craving a filet with a side of mac and cheese now just reading your review

  4. I love the interiors! Not a big meat eater but I’d go for the mac and cheese and calamari! Yum!

  5. Everything truly was great. Jolie’s not lying. Even the parking. Loved the NY steak. And I wouldn’t have argued a second order of mac & cheese… but who wants to be THAT girl. Very lively, selfie-taking crowd. Note: it’s a little loud, if you’re looking for something quiet and intimate.

  6. Next time I’m in Whittier I know where I’m having dinner.
    This may call for a field trip of its own.

  7. I find Jolie’s reviews to be spot on. I will make the drive to Whittier when I’m not dog sitting. I want a Bourbon flight!

  8. Who knew Whittier had it going on like this??! Although I’ve cut back dramatically on my red meat consumption, this looks like the place where I’ll be going to get my next fix!!

  9. Yes, we are missing MexiKosher in a big way, but this place definitely seems like it is worth a trip to Whittier!!

  10. I don’t hit Whittier often, but this may be a reason to go! Drooling over that picture of mac and cheese.

  11. Sounds delish! And Whittier…?! Who knew?! Thanks for including a scoop on vegetarian options. It seems rare for a sneak place to be so thoughtful to non meat eaters!

  12. Is there a way to “follow” reviews so I’m notified when a new review by this author is posted?

  13. We had an amazing meal here! I’d never been to Whittier and I’m glad we went. As Jolie notes, the place was buzzing, everyone seemed to be having fun, and the food was really outstanding. I started with a flight of whiskeys, which is an indulgence, but a worthwhile one! I ended up going a bit lighter with the salmon, which was beautifully cooked and accompanied with a pozole-style sauce. I’m still thinking about the crunchy crust on the mac and cheese. And, for dessert, the fried bananas were pretty insane. Definitely worth a trip, if you’re in the Whittier area…next time, we’ll hit El Speakeasy too, apres dinner.

  14. How did she know I love my Brussel Sprouts and gourmet Mac n cheese? And fried calamari — but only when it’s absolutely worth it? I can do without the steak, but the burgers and lobster are so clearly worth the trek! Not to mix politics and food, but the entire experience of The Nixon – including the flights of scotch — is sounding real civilized (and necessary!) just about now! Thanks for an enticing review!

  15. The dramaticly tall booths. And the whiskey flight. And the connected Speakeasy!!! I haven’t even started on the food, but oh, I will. Thanks for shedding light on this gem, Jolie!

  16. Finally!!!! What I’m talking about is a fabulous meeting spot for us to gather with old friends from Whittier……they always schlep out to LA or the valley and our friendship has been tested and unbalanced for too many years. This seems to have the perfect vibe and the food looks scrumptious. Great tip…I’ll keep following you’ve always been my secret to”everybody.s favorite new magical dining spot”

  17. The review is almost as good as being there! Sounds like a wonderful, creative menu (though I might be happier without the pig’s head…)!

  18. Well, now I’m hungry! You’ve given me a reason to go to Whittier. The food and descriptions sound amazing, love booths and who doesn’t want to go to a speak easy. Date night, here we come.

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