Why Buy A Pickup Truck?


Ford Pickup on Sand Dune

Other than making you look cool, what’s the advantage of owning a pickup truck? Well, there’s actually lots of pluses to buying one of these vehicles. If you’ve been considering getting a pickup, here are just a few practical advantages to help persuade you.

They can tackle all terrains

Pickup trucks are naturally hardy vehicles. Their ground clearance and robust suspension makes them great for tackling bumpy off-road surfaces, but at the same time they’re well equipped for the tarmac. They can also deal well with icy roads and river crossings thanks to their tough wheels. Tyres are often cheaper to replace and more available than other cars – plus you’ve got lots of space to carry spares.

Ford F150 PIckup

They’re multi-purpose

A pickup’s bed is extremely versatile – it can be used to transport passengers, carry luggage or even move furniture. You can put up a tent on it and sleep in it for the night or you could fill it with water and turn it into a pool. This is a perk that you won’t get with any other vehicle.

They can tow smaller vehicles

Of course, the main advantage of a pickup’s bed is that it can be used to tow smaller vehicles. This could include anything from a canoe to a motorbike to a snowmobile. Some of the most heavy-duty pickups can tow over 10 tons, making them very useful.

Nissan Nivara Pickup

They’re a smooth drive

Pickups get a bad rep for being a bumpy ride. Whilst this is true of rustic models from decades past, modern pickups are very smooth. The likes of the RAM 1500 have made comfort a priority, offering optional air suspension and lots of roominess in the interior. Whether you’re sticking to tarmac or travelling off-road, you’ll feel more like you’re driving a car than a truck.

They’re affordable

Compared to some of their SUV counterparts, pickup trucks are some of the most affordable big vehicles out there. The likes of Nissan Navara cars can be bought for less than twenty grand online, whilst sporting a fuel economy rating of 46.3mpg. Gone are the days when these vehicles were massive fuel guzzlers – modern pickups are much more fuel efficient. They’re also very robust, so you’ll spend less money on repairs. Insurance rates generally aren’t high either.

Nissan Navara Interior

They’re safe

Pickups aren’t the death-traps they used to be. Whilst some models still have some work to do and score lowly in crash tests, the likes of the Ford F-150 are very safe and contain features such as automatic emergency braking and blind spot monitoring. If safety is paramount you’re best sticking to a newer model. If you’re carrying passengers in the bed regularly, it could be worth getting some seatbelts fitted and possibly an airbag or two.

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