Which Car Is The Right Choice For You?


Right choice of car

Are you planning to buy a new car in the near future? If so, you may be struggling to decide on the right choice for you. Gone are the days of limited choice in the motoring world; things have come a long way since the Ford Model T took car ownership from a distant dream to a reality for the middle classes. Nowadays, there is so much choice in the automobile industry with a seemingly unending choice of makes, models and specifications to select. Weighing up your car buying options to choose the best car for you can be tough, so why not consider some of the following when making your decision.

Used car or new car?

Your budget and the kinds of models that you are looking for will largely dictate whether you go for a new car or a used one. If you cannot afford a new car with a one-off payment, but still can’t resist that new car smell, you may decide to opt for leasing a vehicle instead. However, if you want to avoid some of the restrictions that come with leasing a car, you may decide that buying a used car is a better option for you.

Electric car charging point

Luxury or workhorse?

Are you looking for a stylish status symbol or a standard choice of car to get you from point A to point B? For some people luxury matters, while for others affordability and practicality take precedence. To decide between luxury and practicality, you will need to consider how you use your car. Is your car something that you take pride in and you like to use your vehicle to make a positive first impression when you arrive at places? Or, is it more important for you to be able to let the kids and dogs get into the car covered in mud without needing to worry about ruining your upholstery? Weighing up your priorities is the best way to make this decision. Alternatively, you could choose a car that combines both luxury, performance and practicality such as the Land Rover Velar. This is a vehicle that exudes class while being a spacious SUV.

Fuel or Electric?

Not so long ago, electric cars were considered a somewhat impractical, niche choice of vehicle. However, in recent years the number of electric vehicles on the road has increased. This is primarily due to a more varied range of models of electric car becoming available along with an increase in charging points. This has helped to lessen the fear of running out of power midway through a journey. For some, an electric vehicle is still not seen as a practical choice, and this is demonstrated by the number of traditionally fuelled cars that sell each year compared with electric.

The decision to purchase an electric car is very much a personal choice, so when choosing how your new car will be powered, you need to consider the practical options and decide which choice best suits your needs and lifestyle.

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