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Finding a good mechanic

The automobile world can be a tricky one to navigate. Do you buy new or used? Do you go for a 10-year-old model or a 5-year-old model? Can you even be preapproved for an auto loan, to improve your chances of owning that car you and your family desperately need? It’s a pricey world from the beginning, and one of the biggest costs on your car budget are the maintenance needs.

If your car needs repairing or you have a sneaking suspicion it’s overdue for a check-up, you’ll need to find the right mechanic and/or auto repair shop for you. Not every single mechanic is made or trained the same and sometimes you can be made to pay for a lot more than you really need to!

So, if you’re in need of a mechanic for your vehicle, it’s time to learn what to look for. If you want to be sure you’re getting someone qualified and trustworthy, make sure you keep the tips below in mind during your search.

Someone trained to handle your car

Of course, this may seem obvious from the beginning; in order to get your car fixed good and proper, you’re going to need a trained and qualified mechanic to handle her.

But to go into a little more detail, you’re going to need someone who is certified by major car breakdown associations you know by name and/or brand, or even by the automotive industry service in your country. You want to be sure they have the seal of approval from major organisations like these in order to ensure your car is not being handled by a business that doesn’t know what it’s doing, or hasn’t even gone through the proper channels in order to obtain mechanic credentials. All in all, you need to look for signs of effort.

Diesel Engine Mechanic

You could even take this a step further and look for mechanics and repair shops that specialise in the type of cars or engine you’re driving around. For example, going down to your local diesel repairs centre if you have a diesel powered car could be your best bet for a reliable and budget acceptable solution.

Someone who doesn’t rely on scare tactics

You want to know the mechanic you’ve brought your car to has your best interests at heart. You want to be sure they are capable of turning your vehicle into something as good as new, but also won’t lie to you about it either. All in all, you want to visit a repair shop that doesn’t use scare tactics to bump up the bill, or keep their customers coming back again and again for unnecessary and overpriced repairs.

So, if the mechanic you’re visiting tells you, ‘The condition this car is in is so bad that you shouldn’t even be driving it’, try not to take them at their word. If this occurs, and you’re not sure whether the mechanic is telling the truth or not, take your car away with you and visit another repair shop.

Get a second or even third opinion, and see how they line up with each other. And whilst you’re at it, get a repair cost quote from each of them as it’s good to know which shop in town carries the best value for money.

Tyre Maintenance

A clean garage

It’s also good to keep an eye out for how clean, tidy, and organised a mechanic’s shop is. Good mechanics are known for keeping the shop floor clean; it ensures there’s less chance for accidental damage, and it helps to keep the tools and spare parts in good condition for a lot longer.

A clean garage is a working garage; you wouldn’t trust a doctor’s office that kept used needles and empty pill bottles all over the place, and the same standards should be kept for the vehicle in your life too. So, put a little more simply: empty cans, ripped out wires, and tyres that look worn or have holes in are not good signs that you’re in good hands!

Ready to find the right mechanic?

The right mechanic might take a little while to find, but repair shops can be found all over your local area, no matter where you are in the world. After all, most households’ own cars, and most people travel using their car on a daily basis, so it’s an ever-present need. Make sure you remember the tips above going forward.

Photographs courtesy of motorverso.com

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