Upgrade Your Off-Roading Experience This Summer


Range Rover Off-Roading

If you love hitting the dirt roads and going off the beaten truck, you might already be the proud owner of a 4×4 vehicle. However, these cars often make you compromise on either comfort or performance, not to mention that they are thirsty on fuel. Below you will find a few tips on how to upgrade your off-roading experience and safety features before the camping and outdoor season starts.


To get the best traction on every terrain, you might want to upgrade your tyres. Depending on which surface you would like to tackle next, you can talk to your mechanic about your options. Increasing the size of your wheels might change the performance of your car but getting a mod that gives you more surface area and a better grip can make it easier to climb sand dunes and rocks while behind the wheels.

Off-Roading Tyres

Shock absorbers

If your SUV or 4×4 vehicle still has stock shocks, you might want to improve yours and your passengers’ comfort by opting for an aftermarket spring shock absorbers, such as Evo or Bilstein. You can make the most out of the driving experience, and enjoy the ride, no matter how uneven the terrain is. If you have pets or kids in the car, you might just save them from bumping their head.


To get the car to perform better and prevent issues with your tires, tracking, and calipers, you could also improve your SUV’s suspension. A sport suspension might not be the best for off-roading, but there are some manufacturers that have some cost-effective after-market solutions. Check out the Risepro 4×4 Suspension features to find the right solution for your trailering, off-roading, as well as increasing clearance, and improving handling and load stability.

Off-Roading Suspension

Noise cancelling

If you would rather listen to your favourite tracks than the road noise, you might want to upgrade to noise cancelling car features. From changing your windows to insulating the floor and the side panels, there are several ways you can reduce the noise coming in the passenger cabin from the outside.

Heavy duty batteries for long trips

Those who love taking long trips in the wilderness will benefit from heavy duty batteries. While your normal one might serve you on general roads, as soon as you have to put all your electrical systems in use to keep you safely on the road, you might run out of juice at the worst possible time. Once you have a more powerful battery installed, you might want to get your mechanic to check your electrical system to make sure it can handle the extra power.

Whether you are planning an extreme off-roading experience or would like to take your trailer with you on your next camping trip, you might want to upgrade your 4×4 to be ready for the challenges ahead. No matter if you are hitting the roads with friends or family members, you can make the journey safer, more comfortable, and less noisy.

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