Why It’s Unethical To Drive Without Insurance


Drive on the road

Car insurance is often thought of as a grudge payment. You have to pay for your insurance to be able to drive legally on the road. It might be expensive, but it is a necessity.

Even though you may think that insurance is a waste of your money, buying proper car insurance is an ethical decision. To fail to buy insurance doesn’t just put you at risk, it could also have a significant impact if you have an accident that involves others.

You put other drivers at risk

Not all drivers have car insurance that covers them in the case of an uninsured driver causing an accident. While this type of insurance is included with Smart Wheels Car Insurance quotes, it is not a standard in the industry. The consequence is that these drivers will end up having to claim on their own insurance in the event of an accident, which could damage their no claims bonus.

The decent thing to do if you cause an accident or accidental damage to another car or driver is to accept the responsibility and allow your insurer to cover the damage. Though many people will try to avoid claiming on their insurance, it is there to provide back up and should be used accordingly.

Drive behind the wheel of you car

You put yourself at risk

If the thought of putting others at risk doesn’t really click with you, perhaps the idea that you could be at risk will persuade you to get insured. If you don’t have insurance, you won’t be able to claim if your car is damaged in any circumstances because you won’t have insurance details to swap with the other party.

Failing to insure your car is a pretty silly thing to do as the cost of a new car is very likely to more than exceed your insurance policy costs. While insurance might be an annoying cost each year, it is still a good investment in case of an accident. There are also different levels of insurance so you can still choose the cheapest option.

The only time you don’t need car insurance is when your car is registered as being off the road and you are not driving it.

Driving on the open road

It’s illegal to drive without insurance

The most important argument for getting insurance is that it is illegal to drive without it. Any driver who is caught without insurance will face a fine and a note of their driving licence, which is likely to impact the insurance quotes they receive.

There is no excuse for driving without insurance. It is your responsibility to renew your insurance and the second your insurance runs out; you must have a new policy before you can drive again. Most insurers will provide instant insurance, but the best approach is to start looking at renewing your insurance around a month before you need to. This way you can dovetail your policies and you won’t go a second without the proper insurance.

Car insurance is an annoying cost but it’s a necessary one. Don’t drive without insurance.

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  1. Thanks for sharing,I started driving 3 months ago and realised that I had to gain more knowledge on how car insurance works. Nicely put together.

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