4 Awesome Ways Two Wheels Are Better Than Four


Two Wheels on Harley Davidson Motorcycles

If you love nothing more than cruising at speed, enjoy hearing the roar of an engine and relish trying to tame a motor with obscene amounts of horsepower, then you no doubt love getting behind the wheel. The invention of the car over a century ago was one of mankind’s finest. An ability to get from A to B faster has morphed into a pastime and a passion for many. While driving can afford many thrills, it is two wheels that can really send your adrenaline levels surging. If you’ve never tried to tame a motorcycle, take a look at these reasons why you should be whipping on the L plates and giving two wheels a go.

You can’t help but be more alert

Being on a motorcycle can make you feel acutely vulnerable especially if you’ve never ventured on two wheels before. However, this awareness is not necessarily a bad thing as you’ll be more alert and conscious of the road users around you. No motorbiker is ever distracted by a Sat Nav, smoking a cigarette or fiddling with a radio on a dashboard. You’ll be two steps ahead when it comes to avoiding hazards, and you’ll be more self-aware as you only have your leathers, boots and helmet for protection. If you’re keen to check out safety ratings and how far your money can go when it comes to kit, check out a site like Bikers Basics to read impartial reviews of the latest gear available.

Triumph Motorcycle

You are free

Although you won’t be able to feel the wind in your hair because of the helmet you are wearing, not being enclosed in a car means that you will feel free. There’s no barrier between you and the elements, and this can be thrilling especially as you pick up speed on the motorway, wind around hillside trails or explore the countryside.

The thrills

Riding a motorbike is so different to driving a car. Riding a bike requires a lot more skill and control as the engine roars beneath you. The acceleration is mind-blowing, you can filter in between the traffic that you might encounter, and you need to control the rear end of the bike as you bend and lean into every corner. While thrilling, getting used to a motorcycle is definitely a learning curve, but once you master your vehicle, you will soon be addicted to two wheels rather than four.

New Friends on Two Wheels

New friends

The biking community is renowned for being friendly. As you ride your bike on the roads, you’ll be surprised at just how many fellow enthusiasts will nod or put their hand up as you pass one another. If you attend races or meets, you will make new pals with a like-minded attitude to the road. If you become a hardcore enthusiast, you may even take a liking to a certain make of bike such as the Harley Davidson or the Triumph and take an active role in the relevant clubs.

Forget being a hobby, biking is a way of life for many. Why not hang up your keys to your sporty little number on the drive for a little while, and experience the exhilaration of two wheels instead?

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