Is It Time For You To Invest In A Company Car?


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When you first start out your business, you’ll only invest in the absolute essentials. But as time goes on and you begin to grow and expand, you’ll find yourself making investments you hadn’t previously considered. You’ll take on employees, your business’ needs will change, and you’ll have to purchase all sorts of equipment and machinery to keep things ticking over as they should. Now when we say this, people will generally automatically think of manufacturing equipment. But company cars are on the rise and there’s a good chance investing in one of these can have a profoundly positive impact on your company and its operations too. Here are just a few pieces of information that will help you to see the potential value of a company car, as well as simple steps on how to find the best vehicle for your business’ needs.

The benefits of a company car

So, why might you want a company car? Well, a good company car will allow you or your employees to get to and from the workplace in a timely manner. Of course, public transport can be used, but having a car can reduce delays and skip the unreliability of public transport. No more train cancellations putting off important meetings! Now, some may argue that there’s a good chance you can hit traffic on the way into work or to a meeting, but you can account for this by leaving early and having extra time. All in all, with a car, your chances of making it into the workplace on time are significantly increased. Company cars can also allow your members of staff who can drive but don’t have their own vehicle to get from the office to meetings, conferences and other public events that you may need them to attend.

Company car for employees

The benefits of a company truck

If you want to go all out, you could even buy a company truck. Now many of us have less experience with trucks than cars, but they are the ideal means of transportation for getting your stock from your company to suppliers, exhibitions and promotional events, such as sampling campaigns.

Choosing the right vehicle

Once you’ve settled on getting a company car, it’s time to start focusing on what vehicle you’re going to invest in. Now, a brand-new vehicle for your company can have its perks. It’s guaranteed to be in perfect condition and will have minimal mileage. If anything does go wrong with the car, you will usually have a warranty. The only thing is brand new vehicles come with a pretty high price tag. To avoid this, you can always opt for a good quality second-hand vehicle. Make sure to only use a reliable dealer like Ron Skinner & Sons. View and test drive the vehicle first, request to see its MOT and check its history. This will ensure a good vehicle that will serve its purpose properly.

Checking employees’ licences

Of course, before giving any employee the keys to the vehicle, check their licence and ensure they don’t have too many points. This will prevent any legal backlash.

As you can see, a company car could work wonders for your business. It’s just a matter of finding the right set of wheels.

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