Three Of The Best Road Trips You Can Do


Autumn Road Trips

We all know the feeling – when there’s the call of the open road with its adventures and possibilities awaiting. Road trips are awesome and can be some of your most memorable holidays, whether you’ve planned every step of the journey ahead of you, or you just throw a tent in the back of the car and wait to see what each night and rest stop brings. Below are three of the most scenic and exciting routes you can travel, and all from your own front door.

Through France to Italy, via the Mont Blanc Tunnel

One of the most beautiful routes in all of Europe. You can travel through France, stopping off in the midst of wine country and sampling some of the country’s finest vineyards as you pass through Champagne and Bordeaux, before hitting the edge of the Alps. You’ll head through the Mont Blanc tunnel, a thrilling drive where one moment you’re in the darkness of a tunnel and the next you’re back in bright sunlight with canyons below you and snowy-capped mountaintops rising above you. There’s some truly stunning scenery to be encountered here and then you’re in Italy, not too far from Lake Como, or Lake Garda or travelling further down towards southern Italy.


Image by Katzenfee50 from Pixabay

The Autobahn in Germany

This is the famed highway in Germany where there are few speed restrictions. Make sure you’ve got yourself a good motor before you hit the tarmac for this one. The autobahn network covers most of Germany, although there have been some areas resistant to it coming in on environmental grounds. You can still get across most of the country using these roads, including bypassing amazing German cities like Frankfurt, where you can experience a thriving German city before getting back on the road to your next destination. If you fancy venturing off the autobahn, you can find many other sites of natural beauty to drive through, including roads running through the Black Forest and down Germany’s coastline.

Road trips in the Alps

Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay

Trollstigen, Norway

Otherwise known as the Troll Pass, this road is famous for being one of Europe’s most beautiful. You’ll pass by waterfalls, and drive through mountains and valleys, experiencing the most scenic parts of this gorgeous country. The road is almost 100 years old, with some parts cutting into the mountains, and others across bridges, for example one in natural stone which takes you across the Stigfossen Waterfall. Bear in mind that this road closes over the winter, and usually reopens in May or June, depending on the weather.

There are so many reasons that a road trip will be an experience you will never forget. The above are just three of the most stunningly scenic routes you can take through Europe, but you can find a more extensive list here. Make sure you’ve thought about the vehicle you want to take – Motor Mill will provide you with helpful advice and ideas on what kind of car will suit all your purposes. Keep up to speed with your maintenance as well and you shouldn’t run into any problems.

Top image by Ervin Gjata from Pixabay

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