These Checks Make Driving Much Safer


Tyre checks

One of the main things that we all want to make sure of in driving a vehicle is that we are keeping as safe as possible at all times. The truth is that it is relatively simple to make sure you are doing this, as long as you put the necessary effort and work into it. When you are trying to become a safer driver, one thing you might want to do is to carry out a few basic checks that always make it much safer to drive. In this post, we are going to take a look at what those checks are, so you can ensure you are doing them regularly.


First of all, make sure that you are keeping a constant eye on the state of the windscreens. A lot of car accidents happen as a result of something being wrong with the windscreen. That could be a crack that develops into a smashed window, or it might be having poor visibility as a result of mud and rain which you can’t deal with easily because your wipers are broken or in a poor condition. As such, these things are those that you should check for most of all, as that way you will keep a lot safer.


Of course, you should always make sure that you have enough fuel for a journey or that you know where you are going to go on the journey to top up. If you ever get to a point where you are running on empty, that is not only dangerous in the sense that you might break down, it is also bad for the vehicle, so you should try to never get to that point. A good rule of thumb is to fill up when you get to a quarter left or even a half. That way, you will always have enough in the tank, even when you have to take an emergency trip somewhere.


Everyone knows that you should check the oil regularly, but how many drivers actually do? It is a simple case of using a piece of kitchen towel and checking the dipstick from the oil in your engine but do make sure that you check it twice. Do this once every six weeks. Then, from time to time, you should also take it to your local mechanic to get an oil change. That helps to keep the car in top condition and makes your journeys safer.


There are a few essential things you should always check with tyres. First of all, you have the pressure. If this seems too low, which might show because your steering is a little heavy, then you need to inflate them wherever you can. You should also check the tread depth, and if this is too low you will need to replace your tyres, as it is a legal requirement to have them at a specified depth. Looking after your tyres is vital for remaining safe on the roads.

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