Surviving A Motorcycle Accident Physically And Financially



This is a topic motorcyclists don’t often want to discuss. It is a difficult topic to talk about, knowing the danger involved with travelling on a motorcycle. Many assume that they will come off unscathed, but this is not always the case. Motorcyclists all around the world have started noticing that it’s up to them to avoid getting into an accident, even if others in vehicles drive recklessly. When motorcycle accidents are reported at insurance companies, they usually automatically assume that the motorcyclist was the one at fault. So here are some tips when you were in a motorcycle accident and need your insurance company to help out.

Gather information and evidence

Once the accident occurs, firstly ensure you have no vital injuries – this means feeling and looking at yourself to ensure nothing is broken, fractured, or extremely painful. Once you confirm you are unharmed, start collecting information from all the individuals close by. This can be the driver of the other vehicle and bystanders who may have seen what happened as they will be a great help in the future if the case goes to court. If you are injured, it is crucial to call for someone close to you so that they can gather information and contact details on your behalf.


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Different causes of motorcycle accidents

There are several reasons that motorcyclists get into accidents, as you are much less protected when something happens as you have no vehicle body protecting you like someone in a car would have. This means you will get injured much easier than the person in the vehicle. In approximately 50% of motorcycle accidents in Oregon, the motorcyclist was not at fault. So, the largest contributor to accidents like these, is vehicle drivers not focussing on the road and not looking out for motorcyclists turning in front of them or changing lanes without checking for motorcyclists.

Choosing an attorney

When you suffer injuries in a motorcycle wreck, choosing an attorney is something that has to happen quite quickly after the accident. Your insurance company will try to settle and get your case handled before an attorney gets involved, and there are reasons for that. Insurance companies want to pay out as little as possible as their job is saving money, although they sound concerned over you, this is not always the case. Find an attorney that specialises in these sorts of cases. They will best know how to advise you going forward. They will also make sure you are compensated sufficiently for the financial losses you suffered in the accident. This will ensure you receive enough time and funds to recover fully before having to go back to work and earning your income.

It’s not something we like to think about. In fact, it’s something we despise. But unfortunately, it is a reality of our daily lives – accidents happen everywhere and will continue happening. So, it is up to you, the victim, to make sure you are legally covered at all times.

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