Sorry Petrol Heads, But The E-Moto Is The Future


The E-Moto is the future

For years, motorbikes have been these gruff, muscular, powerful machines that attracted a particular brand of people. Those who own motorcycles are profoundly individualistic, risk-taking and freedom-loving. For this group, there’s nothing like the sense of joy you get on the open road as you weave and bob through traffic, feeling the wind feathering through your loins.

But the experience is about to go through a profound technological change. Gas is going out of fashion. The e-Moto is here.

The sound of a Harley-Davidson as you depress the throttle is part of the quintessential experience of motorcycling. When you’re on a bike, you want to let the world know about it. Terrorizing quiet residential areas is a celebrated part of the culture. Unmuted exhausts are almost required to get a real sense of the experience.

That trend, however, isn’t going to last – and it’s all thanks to the electric motor.

The ups and downs of electric engines

On the noise front, electrification is a bit of a party pooper. For years, the anarchic among us have celebrated the unholy din emitted by our motorbikes and sports cars. It was a form of rebellion against a society that seems hell-bent on suffocating us in the gloop of health and safety. But electrification is an uncharacteristically gentle technology. It goes about its business quietly and decently, like the suited city worker who carries a briefcase on the train with him during his morning commute.

Will e-moto replace Harley Davidsons

Image by Peter H from Pixabay

On the performance front, the electric motor is a different animal. There’s nothing like it. The amount of power you get from it is unlike anything that you experience with a gas-driven vehicle. And it comes in at a much lighter weight too, battery included.

As Rosenfeld motorcycle accident lawyers point out, this is probably isn’t going to do many favours when it comes to safety. But if it is the thrill that you want – and many bikers do – then there’s no better choice.

Electric motorbikes are also ideal for people who love personal freedom. Battery power makes vehicles much less expensive to run. You’re not dependent on a supply of gas. Heck, you could charge up your motorcycle with solar panels if you wanted. Some people have. Sure, it’s not as rebellious as a gas-powered option. But it offers a bunch of other advantages that are hard to ignore.

Where we are right now with electric motorbikes

So, currently there is a range of e-Motos and motorbikes on the market, but we’re still very much in the early stages. Problems for the e-Moto include the lack of range and charge times. You can’t spend all Sunday afternoon on many of these bikes, travelling from county to county. They run out of charge too quickly.

Things will eventually change, though, It is hard to imagine that NONE of the game-changing batteries in development will come to fruition. Something will ultimately work.

Prices are also higher than many people expect. Mostly, this has to do with the R&D that goes into these vehicles, not the parts themselves, which is a reason for hope.

Top image by christels from Pixabay

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