The Simple Swaps You Can Make To Afford A Car On Finance

Seat Ibiza on finance

If you’re thinking about buying a car, then getting one on finance is perhaps the most affordable way to do it. Many people often think that the price of a car would be too much to pay in monthly instalments, but there are some deals out there that are actually cheaper than paying for a phone contract or a gym membership!

Take a look at some of the things you could sacrifice in order to be able to afford a car on finance.

iPhone X
iPhone X

iPhone X 64GB

It’s no secret that the annual release of the latest iPhone model captures the enthusiasm of Apple fans all over the country, especially those who camp in waiting days beforehand! The truth of the matter is that each year, the phone deals get more expensive, and the new features become less apparent. The iPhone X will set you back as much as £113 a month for a 64GB model, which is a staggering amount for a phone. If you don’t mind sticking with an older model, the £113 a month could be used to finance a Toyota Aygo.

Toyota Aygo
Toyota Aygo – Photo credit: Toyota GB

Nights out in London

The cost of an average night out in London is roughly £60. Four nights out a month, and you’re £240 down. While it’s great to let your hair down once in a while and get your boogie on, doing this on a weekly basis will prove to be very costly. The same amount spent on four nights a month could be used to finance a Seat Ibiza, and you’d also be doing your liver a huge favour.

Pizza Takeaway
Pizza Takeaway


Takeaways are very convenient when you’re working late or if you don’t have time to cook, but when you consider that the average Brit spends around £1,320 a year on them, it becomes quite an eye-opener. It might be a challenge if you live a busy lifestyle but try getting some more healthy home-cooked meals in and use the saved money to get yourself a Peugeot 108.

Vauxhall Corsa 3 Door
Vauxhall Corsa 3 Door – Photo credit: Vauxhall

Date nights

Going on dates can be expensive, with the average date night costing £75 or more. Instead of treating yourself to multiple date nights each month, why not try and limit them to just once a month. That way you’ll have something to look forward to and it’ll feel that extra bit special each time. Not to mention the fact that you could spend that extra cash on a smaller model Vauxhall.

Gym Exercise Bikes
Gym Exercise Bikes

Gym membership

Keeping fit should always be one of your number one priorities, so sacrificing your gym membership would be a very hard decision to make. The average monthly spend of a gym membership is £41.95, but if you don’t use all of the gym’s facilities, you could try switching to a cheaper and more basic gym or give up your membership in favour of home workouts. If you’re using a personal trainer, then consider working out on your own. You could save up to £200 a month, which would help you to finance a nice little Audi.

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