Should I Buy A New Or Used Car?


Mercedes Benz GLA - Used Car

When looking to buy a new car, the most asked question is often whether we should buy a brand-new car, or a used one. There are many pros and cons to buying both a new car and a used one, and today we are going to talk about these to see which is right for you.

Pros of a new car

Warranty – If you choose to buy something such as a New Mercedes-Benz AMG GLA Class, you will be able to get a warranty on the vehicle. This means that if anything does go wrong with the car during a short time after you buy the vehicle, you have the peace of mind that costs will be covered and you can return it.

Reliability – The reason most people will choose a new car over a used one is the idea that a new car is more reliable. When you purchase a new car, all of the parts inside are brand new and unused, and this will mean that the car should, in theory, last for longer than a used car. This gives people who are in a difficult financial situation the peace of mind to know that they are able to drive a car which is reliable and won’t break down.

Mercedes-Benz AMG GLA Class
Mercedes-Benz AMG GLA Class

Technology – Sometimes we all love to play around with gadgets, and every year car manufacturers are coming up with amazing gadgets and technologies which you can take advantage of when you drive.

Cons of a new car

Price – The main issue with buying a new car is the fact that it will cost much more than a used one. The prices of cars are going up all the time due to demand and this means that many younger people may struggle to fork out for a new car.

Losing value – New cars don’t hold their value for very long. If you buy a brand-new Audi for example, after a year you will see a rapid decrease in the value because it is now a second-hand car. If you are planning to have a car for a short time then sell it on, a used car may be a better option.

Audi A6 Avant
Audi A6 Avant – Photo credit: Audi UK

Waiting time – If you order a new car and ask for a specific colour, interior and features, you will sometimes have to wait a long time for the car to be manufactured in the factory and then shipped out. This can mean waiting for a month for your new vehicle and this can be inconvenient if you need it right away.

Pros of a used car

Cost – The main draw of a used car is the price. Most new drivers will choose a used car for their first vehicle because they are much cheaper and easier to get hold of. If you are strapped for cash a used car can be ideal for you.

Tried and tested – Although buying a new car is great because you get to try out new technology, there is always a risk that the technology won’t work as expected. When you buy a used car, you are buying technology which has been tried and tested. You can trust the fact that someone else has already used the car and the car has been reliable.

Audi in-car Technology
Audi in-car technology – Photo credit: Audi UK

Access to more – When you come to buy a used car you will have the immediate advantage of having the ability to access older models. A lot of the time older car models won’t be available directly from the manufacturer anymore, so you will be able to choose from a much wider range of vehicles.

Cons of a used car

History – Whenever you buy a used car there can be a risk that the history of the car is a little bit dodgy. For example, sometimes an unsuspecting buyer can be tricked into buying a stolen vehicle, and this can mean the car will be taken away by the police if it’s found. You can do a history check with the HPI check and make sure the car and seller check out.

Reliability – Older cars will always be less reliable than a new one, purely due to the fact that they have been on the road for longer and that they have had previous owners.

Choosing your car really is down to your financial and personal situation. Make the choice which is right for you, weigh up these pros and cons and you can drive happily this summer.

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