Self-Indulgent Reasons You Need A Car


Self-Indulgent BMW

Every time there is talk about being a motorist, practical excuses are thrown around. “Oh, well I need it to take the kids to school and get to work.” “I’d be lost without it,” is another popular defence. And, there is no doubt that these are valid reasons to own a car. Trying to get the kids to their 9am lesson on the bus would be excruciatingly painful.

However, there is no need to defend your actions. As a car-lover, you can say that you adore automobiles and want them in your life. So, with this in mind, here are four self-indulgent reasons to own a vehicle.

BWW Sports Car Interior

It looks good

Some cars are pieces of junk which belong to a scrapyard. Others are middling motors that are neither here nor there in the looks department. But, certain vehicles are beautiful and should be on the road so that other, less fortunate enthusiasts can stare at them. Quite simply, it’s a public service. Let’s not pretend that this is the only reason why cars are special. It’s also because the driver comes across as a cool dude/dudette. By being in the same vicinity, your street cred gets a shot to the arm and that is no mean feat.

It’s a sign of wealth

The vehicle itself acts as a tax return. Maybe Donald Trump doesn’t need to release his accounts and people should take a look at his motors. Okay, so there are ways to own a Mercedes without having millions stashed away in the bank. But, we’re talking about fooling number crunchers, here. It’s the perception of the people on the street. When they see the personalised number plate and branded badge, they’ll say to their friends “check this out!” It’s that hit of excitement that they think you’re somebody which is addictive.

Self-Indulgent Porsche Targa

You’re lazy

In a society where obesity is a problem, it’s never savvy to admit you’re a lazy person. But, truthfully, is there another reason to spend thousands on a vehicle? It’s the idea of walking to work and setting off an hour earlier that is annoying. With a car, it’s straightforward to jump into the driver’s seat and cruise to a destination. There’s no need to exert energy or brave the elements because driving is a piece of cake. It isn’t like you shun exercise, but more you can’t be bothered wasting energy. Really, it’s efficiency in action.

You have a need for speed

The sound of an engine revving is exciting stuff. Being in the car when it reaches 100 mph is thrilling. You can feel every twist and turn when you’re behind the wheel. Again, it’s an addictive feeling which is something car-lovers want to explore over and again. There’s a reason a video game saga and a hit movie of the same name exist. Going fast isn’t always possible what with speed limits and cameras, but, on the motorway, it’s worth the wait.

There aren’t always practical reasons to buy a car. In fact, some might say the best excuses aren’t functional whatsoever.

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