Planning The Ultimate Road Trip


Ultimate Road Trip

When we think of travel and getaways, we often think of jumping on a plane and heading off for a week or two-long beach holiday. But it’s important to remember that this isn’t your only option. You can travel by the open road too! Many people have been on some sort of road trip at some point or another in their lives and many will recommend it. So, if you haven’t tried it out yet, here are some key pieces of advice that will help you to organise the best road trip possible.

Choosing the right travel companion

First things first, you need to decide who you’re travelling with. Sure, you can take a road trip alone. This can be liberating and help you to find yourself. But really, when it comes to road tripping, it is ideal to have someone else with you. This can help to occupy your mind and also means you can share driving responsibilities, giving you a break from the wheel and allowing you to take in some of the stunning scenery you’re driving through properly. To choose the right travel companion, it’s generally best to choose someone you know well. This will ensure that you don’t end up miles from home, stuck with someone who irritates you or who you don’t get on with. You should also choose someone with a similar mindset – if you like to go and get things done to a schedule, choose someone else who will enjoy operating in this way. If you’re more laid back and don’t mind making diversions and taking your time, choose someone else who will get on with this approach. The trip could really help you to bond and make a good friend for life.

Deciding where to go

Once you’ve chosen your partner, it’s time to choose a route. The best routes will largely depend on where you are in the world, how far you’re willing to travel and how much time you can spend away from home. Once you have a vague idea of location, you can conduct some simple searches to see some recommended routes in the area.

Road Trip

Making sure your vehicle is up to scratch

Of course, you’re going to be highly dependent on your vehicle when you take to the roads, so you’re going to want to make sure it’s up to scratch. If you’re using your own car, take it in for a full check and rectify even the most minor of issues before starting out on your trip. Others prefer to buy a used car from a reliable dealer like Calder Motor Company to avoid clocking up miles on their usual vehicle that they use in day to day life. Before heading off, make sure that the tyres have the right air pressure. You should also check that the vehicle’s oil and window wash are topped up before any long stint. These simple steps will reduce your chances of breaking down or experiencing issues along the way.

Allocate rest stops

Even the most energetic amongst us will need plenty of breaks on a road trip. This allows you to rest up, recuperate and be fully alert when you return to the wheel. For the sake of your own and others’ safety and wellbeing, avoid long stints of driving and fit plenty of stops into your schedule.

These are just a few tips, but they cover the basics and should help to get your road trip off to the best start possible.

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