How To Make Your Commute More Fun


Traffic Jam

Wouldn’t work be so much more bearable if we could just somehow teleport ourselves to the office? Alas, we have to spend a significant part of our day just driving there and back, and that does get a little old. We get used to it of course, but few people would call it the highlight of their day. But what if instead of accepting the commute as just a fact of life, we try to make it more enjoyable? We take a look at numerous ways how below.

Find the best route

One of the main problems with the commute is that, while you’re trying to get to work quickly, so is everybody else. It would make so much more sense to have staggered start times, rather than having the whole country on the roads at the same time. But that’s another issue. As a practical solution, have you looked at finding the best route for your journey? We don’t mean fastest, we mean best. There could be another route that takes five minutes longer, but which bypasses all the traffic, and it might even come with a picturesque view.

Grab a friend

Everything’s better with friends, right? You could be walking around a supermarket, and it would be fun if you are with the right person. The same applies to the commute. It could be terribly boring if it’s just you, but if you have a friend to chat and joke around with, it suddenly becomes a lot less frustrating. So take a look if you have any friends in the office or who work nearby, who are interested in car sharing. It comes with the added bonus of saving you money, since you’ll be splitting the costs.

Daily commute

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New set of wheels

If you’re in the right vehicle, then going around in circles at a roundabout could be fun. It puts a different spin on driving – you’re no longer just going from A to B, you’re getting the feel of a car, and learning all the cool features. If you have a car that’s right for you, then you won’t mind spending so much time behind the wheel. But to get to that point, you might need to upgrade your vehicle, so check out Martin Brothers Motor Company, and find the vehicle that’s right for you. That Monday morning commute will never be so appealing.

Podcasts and Audiobooks

One of the reasons we don’t like the commute is because we think of it as “dead” time. We’re not really doing anything, just transporting ourselves to a place where we’ll do something. But in fact, the commute offers a great opportunity to learn something or be entertained. For your commute, look at downloading a few of the best and most interesting podcasts, or invest in the audiobook version of that book you’ve been meaning to read. You’ll find that you’re so engrossed that the time just flies by – and you might just be smarter for all your efforts, too.

Top image by Marzena P. from Pixabay

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