Here’s How To Make Your Car Go Faster


Faster Mercedes

Most of us love driving faster when it is permissible to do so, but many of us are hampered by our vehicles which are all too often slower than we would like them to be and slower than they are capable of being when they’re functioning highly. The good news is that there are multiple things the average car owner can do to speed up their vehicles today.

Take good care of it

The number one thing that will keep your car running at its best and able to reach top speeds with ease, is taking good care of your vehicle. Take it to the auto repair shop regularly, change the filters and fluids often and ensure you stick to the advised service schedule and not only will it reach peak performance, but you may well also see gains in how fast it is able to go. I mean, even just working with the dyno adjuster so that the ignition timing is optimal can give you gains of 30bhp in some cases!

Faster Porsche 911

Upgrade the exhaust and filter systems

Most cars come with inlet exhaust systems, which can be pretty restrictive as standard. This is because they are typically far less noisy, but they also have the undesirable effect of reducing power levels. A good way to combat this is by using a full exhaust system with an induction kit and decat pipe. This could help you to gain as much as 10 percent power and could cost you anywhere between £200 and £700.

Nitros will help

If you take good care of your car and you fit a better exhaust and filter system, the only other cheap-ish option you could use to get your car going even faster would be by using nitrous – a gas that is high in oxygen and which when pumped into the engine can give it a huge boost of power. It costs around £50 for one bottle and a nitrous kit will probably set you back £500. This should give you a boost of around 50bhp, but if you plan to do this you should be very careful and always speak to a mechanic.

Faster Car Engine

Strip it down

Another thing you could do if you’re serious about going faster, perhaps for a special racing event, is to strip your vehicle down to the essentials. The more weight that the car is carrying, the slower it will be, so if you don’t need things like back seats, interior trim and spare wheels, get rid of them and you will notice the difference. You’ll also use less fuel on your journeys, which is always a bonus too.

Install a new engine

Of course, it is the car’s engine which gives it its power and enables it to go faster or not as the case may be. So, if you have a serious need for speed, stripping out your old and worn engine and replacing it with a turbocharged version will certainly do the trick, it could cost you as much as £10,000+ though, so you have to be really serious about it.

Whatever you do, just be sure to drive responsibly!

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