How Much Would James Bond Have Paid For His Cars?

Aston Martin DB5 - James Bond

Everyone has a dream car that they would like to own. Many of them could be James Bond inspired vehicles. From style to speed to substance, they do tick all of the boxes. 007 has a pretty impressive car history; high-end performance cars all the way. But as we know from the films, many of them do end up looking a little bashed up and worse for wear than when the movie started. So what does his expense bill look like? How much are his cars really costing? Today’s post is all about those cars and what they could set you back today.

If one of your dream cars is car that would have been good enough for James Bond, then for us mere mortals it may only be a dream. However, you could look at personal car leasing to finance the car, if it is unlikely that you’re ever going to have the cash up front. It could make it much more affordable if that is an option for you. Let’s face it; they are cars worth paying for. But how much might they set you back? Here is some food for thought; I wonder how long these would take to pay off?


Bentley 3.5L

The film ‘From Russia with Love’ was the backdrop for this 1963 film and car. If you know the film well, you’ll know that it is the one used right in the opening sequence; a beauty to behold. As Bond films go, it was considered to be one of the first gadget cars as he used it to answer the phone. And for the sixties, that was pretty futuristic and high-tech. Nowadays, though, the car would currently cost around £1,000,000! So it could mean payments of around £3,000 a month on a personal leasing plan.

Sunbeam Alpine

Sean Connery was another driver of the Sunbeam Alpine car in from the movie ‘Dr. No.’ The British made car, like many found in the Bond franchise, is one of the most affordable. Back in the sixties it would have cost just over £1,000 to buy. Seems like a bargain to us now, though it would have been pretty expensive at the time. In today’s money, you could get one for around £7,000. So it is still a really affordable option if a nifty sports car is what you are after.

Aston Martin DB5 Grill

Aston Martin DB5

You can’t mention James Bond without thinking about Aston Martin. The iconic brand has featured a variety of cars in the films, but the DB5 has to be one of the most memorable. It is often considered a ‘James Bond Car.’ The DB5 has featured in several films, having a few different Bonds driving it, including Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig. Nowadays, probably thanks to its iconic status, the car could set you back £1,000,000. So this one may well and truly be on the wish list for a while!


The ‘Golden Eye’ car made its debut in 1995, alongside the Aston Martin DB5. It, of course, was fitted with gadgets galore. You might remember the scene where Q demonstrates the use of the parachute system, braking, and the ejector seat. If only it would come with those if we bought one, right? If you were to lease one, it could cost you around £1,500 a month.


Aston Martin DBS V12

All of the Bonds get to try out a great range of cars, but none more so than Daniel Craig in some of the latest films. The scene where he tries to use a defibrillator on himself in the ‘Casino Royale’ movie is set in the modern and stylish Aston Martin DBS V12. There is also an epic crash scene featuring the car, which seems like such a shame when you know the cost of it. A new DBS V12 could set you back a whopping £90,000!

Lotus Esprit

The seventies can’t be forgotten about when it comes to James Bond and his cars. Roger Moore was the lucky Bond that got to drive the Lotus Esprit. The main sequence that it will be remembered for was in an epic chase scene that covered land, water, and air! The Lotus converted into a submarine when it hit the water. If only that was really the case. Valued at £15,000, it could be a pretty affordable version for a weekend car.

So there you have it, a small look at the many wonderful James Bond cars. Do you think you’ll be getting one anytime soon?

DB5 photographs courtesy of Aston Martin

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