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Personalised Car

There are so many makes and models of cars available, but unless you drive something really special, the chances are your car will just blend into the crowd and look like everyone else’s. When you have spent a significant amount of money on it, it can be a bit of a kick in the teeth when the only thing that distinguishes your car from the next is a bog-standard number plate, and let’s face it, no one pays much attention to a standard plate.

You do not need to cover your car in holographic sparkles or anything drastic, but a few minor and often inexpensive changes here and there can make a huge difference to the way your car looks and how you feel about it. Here, we look at some simple tips to help you to give your car the personalised touch.

Get a personalised number plate

There is something a little bit special about having your own personalised number plate. It gives your car a stamp of personality and can be a real talking point. In many cases, it is an inexpensive thing to do as well and it does not take long to find the cheapest DVLA number plates. The great thing about them is that they can be tweaked to represent your name or a word that is associated with you, as long as it falls in line with the legal requirements. It can be particularly useful if you have a popular make and model of car, as it stands out a little. There is nothing worse than wandering around trying to find your car in a busy car park, but a personalised number plate will help it to stand out amongst the crowd. Think carefully before committing to one, just like your teenage email address, make sure it is something that you are not going to be cringing about in a few years’ time.

Switch up your interior

Unless you buy a brand-new car and pay a premium, you get what you are given when it comes to the interior of your car and very rarely get any say in the way that it looks. However, if you are bored with the way the inside of your car looks, and let’s face it, most car interiors are boring, there are ways to switch it up. It is actually relatively straightforward to update and does not cost a great deal either. Many local car workshops can provide this as a service, or if you are particularly handy yourself, you could have a go. Just make sure you choose fabrics that are not going to be dated a year or two down the line or is going to stop anyone from buying your car in the future.

Personalised sound system

Think about the scents

We all love that brand new car scent, but it never lasts more than a couple of weeks. You can of course buy ‘new car’ sprays that replicate the smell, but it often doesn’t cut the mustard. Instead of trying to replicate that, why not introduce a brand new scent into the car? Just like we often have our own signature scent that people associate with us, our cars can have their own signature scent as well. You can buy specific car perfumes, which usually last longer than standard air fresheners.

Change the wheels

The appearance of your car can be significantly improved by replacing the factory wheels with new, custom ones. It also helps to lighten the load and increases handling. There are several options available when it comes to rims. To make your car stand out, go for a gleaming, big rim. Rims come in a variety of colours as well.

When selecting a new set of wheels, pay special attention to the fit. You can also buy second-hand rims to save on the cash but check that they are in good condition before fitting them.

Give your sound system a boost

You may want to consider replacing your car’s original speakers with higher quality ones. Installing amplifiers in your car’s sound system will also help you get something out of it. Subwoofers can be installed for more clarity if you prefer to listen to high-quality music.

There are so many ways in which you can personalise your car. Don’t be tempted to go over the top as this can ruin how your car looks and feels. It is also essential that you make sure that personalised touches do not compromise the performance or safety aspects of your vehicle.

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