A Guide To Buying A Van

VW Transporter

Buying a van can be a daunting experience. It is a big purchase, and whether you are buying it for work or for your own purposes, you’ll want to make sure that you buy a van that will last.

But what should you look for in a van? Is it best to buy your van new or used?

With so many questions that you need answering, here’s a brief guide to buying a new van.

Decide what you want from your van

Before you buy your van, you should, first of all, decide when you are likely to use it for.

How much room do you need? What will you be carrying? Do you need a side door and a back door? Would you prefer diesel or a petrol engine?

If your van is likely to take a beating because it is going to be used on construction sites, then you might want to buy a vehicle that has been on the road for a couple of years.

Your van will get scruffy and dented when it comes to using them in certain circumstances. But by buying a used van, you will be less precious about the paintwork.

VW T6.1 Commercial Van

Buying your new van

One of the major advantages of buying your van from new is that you’ll be the first owner. It won’t have been driven before you get it.

During the first couple of years of ownership, you’ll benefit from a manufacturer’s guarantee and you’ll be exempt from having to have an MOT carried out.

You could choose to buy a van by paying in instalments such as this New T6.1 VW Transporter Sportline. The ability to buy the vehicle on finance is often a good reason to buy a new van instead of a used one.

VW T6.1 Van Interior

Buying a used van

If you decide to buy your van used, you have two options. You could buy it from a dealer, or you could buy it from a private seller.

There are advantages to both of these options. Buying from a dealer will mean that you may be able to buy the van on finance. The van may be well presented as it might have had some work done to it prior to coming on sale.

The advantage of buying from a private seller is that you are more likely to get the vehicle for the lowest possible price.

Of course, when buying a used vehicle you will need to make a very thorough inspection and also take it on a full test drive. The more checks you can carry out the better.

Listen out for strange noises, particularly when going around corners or performing manoeuvres.

Run a check on the number plate of the vehicle and make sure that it has never been written off or reported stolen.

Ask questions about the history of the vehicle and ask to see the paperwork. You should also make sure that you attempt to barter the price down.

Photographs courtesy of Volkswagen

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