Driving Long Haul For Business Purposes? Consider These Longevity Tips


Long haul driving

Not all of us have the luxury of only driving where we wish to, or on small rides such as for the school run and then to a nearby office. Some people may find themselves covering large tracks of the country or state in which they find themselves, perhaps for business purposes. Of course, time spent behind a wheel can be quite enjoyable provided we know how to curate it and to take care of ourselves.

The obvious advice is always applicable – make sure you get enough rest, don’t drive tired and certainly not inebriated or hungover. Make sure you plan your journey, schedule plenty of rest stops and don’t rush to make up for lost time. It’s never worth it.

Driving long-haul for business purposes in your usual or business vehicle can become a little monotonous after time though, and so there are certainly some things worth experiencing and even prioritising as appropriate. With this approach, you can more readily understand and plan your day to day driving, even if that covers much more distance than the average person will.

Motorway driving

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Audio subscriptions

Audio subscriptions can help us break up the monotony of driving long distances. From using audiobooks from apps like Audible or subscribing to podcasts on a range of platforms and networks like Spotify and Sticher, to investing in apps that help read the finer points of non-fiction books to you like Blinkist, there’s always something out there to gauge your attention that may be more substantive than listening to simple radio shows. This can be a great place to start.

Proper and full coverage

Ensuring your vehicle has the proper and full coverage it needs to stay on the road and access repairs or insurance pay-outs when necessary is important. Cars Protection Plus is known to be a player in this field, and as such, choosing a package suitable for long haul travel can be very important. In this respect, you not only make sure your higher coverage is more worthwhile considering the increased chance you have of breaking down or encountering an issue thanks to the mileage you drive, but you should not have to worry and will have peace of mind when using your car a lot.

Route planning and relaxation stops

Route planning and long-stay relaxation stops are both worth your time to consider. The latter especially, because sometimes, knowing you can stop off and stay in a hotel next to a service station or making sure you have a room booked ahead of time can help you avoid a nasty surprise when you have to stop short or when you feel too exhausted from driving. Route planning using smartphone apps or your car’s infotainment system can also help you keep abreast of the traffic and make sure you’re prepared for certain weather conditions.

With this advice, we hope you can commit to long haul driving while keeping yourself and others on the road safe. Just because you have to drive for much of the time doesn’t mean to have to endure great difficulty.

Top image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

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