Don’t Get Mad, Get Proactive: The Right Way To Deal With Rage On The Road


Road Rage Woman

Let’s be honest; we’ve all fallen foul to bouts of road rage from time to time. When traffic’s moving, and there’s so much at stake, a dangerous driver can, understandably, get the blood boiling. After all, your life is at risk, and theirs is too. So WHY do they insist on driving like an IDIOT!?

Sadly, bad driving is a risk of the road. You’ll likely face it at least once on most journeys. But, by getting angry, you’re only further putting your safety at risk. After all, you’re hardly going to be driving like James Bond while you shout and scream. On top of which, shouting at another car doesn’t get you anywhere. A lot of the time, the drivers in question won’t even notice your abuse.

So, instead of getting angry, consider proactive ways to deal with drivers like these. This stands to work better for everyone and could even take dangerous drivers off the roads. Here are a few of the things you can do.

Hands Free on the Road

Take their number plate

It’s a simple but sound method. In fact, taking the number plate of a dangerous driver is about the best thing you can do. And, with voice recognition now present in most new vehicles, you can do this without taking your hands off the wheel. Instead of gesticulating and taking your eyes off the road, you can keep right on, and dictate the necessary numbers. Then, once you reach your destination, you can call the authorities and alert them to what you’ve seen. Number plates are traceable. If a car has been putting others at risk, your local authorities are sure to want to hear about it.

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Let the lawyers deal with it

Of course, staying calm when the driver doesn’t directly affect you is one thing. But, staying calm if they’ve damaged your car or caused an accident is another. This is especially the case if you’re injured. While still on the scene, you may feel the urge to shout and even threaten the other driver. They’ve hurt you and destroyed your car. You’re within your rights, right? Not really. In fact, if you show threatening behaviour, you may have a harder time if things go to court. That’s especially the case if you use violence. Instead, as cliché as it sounds, you should let the lawyers deal with things. Contact someone like Robinette Legal Group while still on the scene, and make note of everything that happens. That way, you can be sure justice will be served, you just won’t do the serving.

Harness your driving

You could also use dangerous driving to harness your skills. If you can stay calm when a car is all over the road, you’re sure to come out on top. Your removed attitude will allow you to stop or avoid them if they get in your way. And, that’s going to work wonders for your driving ability as a whole. So, thank you, dangerous drivers, you really didn’t have to.

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