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We all have a dream car in mind that we imagine will perfect our driving experience and help us enjoy road trips or commuting more. If you have been saving up for a new car but are still sitting on the fence whether or not you should change, there are plenty of things you must consider in order to make an informed decision. The guide below will help you decide whether or not you should invest in a new car.

Can you keep it safe?

If you cannot park your car safely on your drive or in the garage, you might end up worrying about it too much. While you can get new cars with auto folding door mirrors, cars parked nearby might hit your car and cause thousands worth of damage. The more your vehicle is worth, the more it will cost to get it fixed. Make sure that you are considering a dashboard camera and other advanced safety features before you invest in a shiny new vehicle.

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Is it a good offer?

Buying the latest model of your dream car right after it was released in your country can cost much more than if you wait a few months. You will still get the same model and specifications, but – as there is less buzz – you can get a better deal. It is recommended that you shop around and contact dealerships in your local area, so you can make your money go further and don’t have to compromise.

Can you trade in your old car?

Sometimes it is worth trading in your car, but the deals vary from one dealership to another. Some of the dealers will offer a flat fee for cars over 10 years old, independent on the condition. Others will try to negotiate the price, and you might be better off selling privately and ordering your new car without the trade-in. Compare the prices and deals and decide whether or not you have the time and energy to sell your old car privately.

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Will you save on road tax and fuel?

If your current car is not fuel-efficient, and you want a change it so you can get to work more cheaply, you should start comparing the fuel-efficiency of the different models and variations. This way, you can calculate how much you will save over the next year and justify your investment. Check the road tax on the new car and look for deals that offer a discounted rate or even pay your tax for the first year. Some dealerships will also give you a fuel allowance when you buy a new vehicle.

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Can you afford the insurance?

You should make use of clever car comparison sites such as, so you get a good idea of how much your motoring budget will be, including insurance. Determine which level of protection you will need and get a quote before you buy the car, or you might end up with some nasty surprises.

Whether you already have a dream car or are just comparing the ones on your shortlist, it might be a good idea to calculate your future costs before you buy.

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