Car Troubles? Have Some Plan Bs


Car Breakdown Plan B

Cars are wonderful, they get us to the places we need to go, as well as providing us with the necessary freedom that we crave. Having said that, problems can always arise without any warning, and that can be very frustrating because you may be out running an important errand only to find you’re breaking down in the middle of the city. This is why you need to do all you can to ensure you always have a plan B so that essentially, the problem is less than what it could’ve been.

Here’s how.

Car Breakdown

Extra fuel

A brilliant way to have a backup plan wherever you may be going, is to always have a bottle or tank in the back of your boot filled up with fuel. You may find that you never need it, but sometimes you might not pay attention and set off on a journey in your car, only to realise your fuel light is on and you’re in the middle of nowhere so there aren’t any petrol stations around. This sounds like the worst case scenario, but then remember, you have extra fuel in your trunk so you can simply fill up your tank and carry on with your travels. Just make sure that if you do tap into this, you refill it as soon as you can so that you always have spare.

Petrol Can - Plan B

A number

Sometimes your car may break down for no apparent reason – at least not to you anyway. There are tons of different reasons that this can happen, from an old battery dying, to other more serious issues. If you don’t have a jump lead or the skills of a mechanic, then you won’t be sure of what more you can do, and this is why you need a professional to come and save you. You can’t just leave your vehicle on the side of the road, so you’ll need a tow truck to come and move it out of the way for you, not only for your own safety, but the safety of others on the road too. So have a look for services in your local area and save their number in your phone so it’s always there if you need it.

Spare Tyre - Plan B

Spare tyres

Tyres tend to be overlooked until one of them is flat. This is why you should always check that they aren’t worn down and that the air pressure is right. Even after doing this though, you may end up hitting something in the road or riding over something sharp like a screw, resulting in a tear or puncture in your tyre. If this happens, the air will escape and your tyre will be no good anymore. So always keep a spare or two in the boot, along with a jack and any other tools that you will need to change the tyre. Then you can just pull over and do what needs to be done easily and efficiently, and then carry on with your day.

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