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Did you know hiring the same car on your holidays could vary by 245% depending on where you are in the world?  Well, not to fear, Travel Supermarket have checked your blind spots and conducted a new study that showcases the cheapest and dearest places to hire a car around the world.

Just in time for those Valentines dates…

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Jump start your journey abroad

In first place, the cheapest car hire goes to the beautiful island country of Cyprus averaging only £9.37 a day, with New Zealand on their tail as the least expensive non-European option at £9.51. Spain, a firm holiday favourite, was found to be in the top five cheapest options, only costing an average of £12.31 per day, less than half the daily cost for car hire in France.

Us Brits are placed 7th cheapest with an average cost of £13.60 per day, whilst our friends across The Pond in the US, weren’t amongst the most popular destinations for Brits looking to hire a car this month.

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In need of an emergency break

If you’re looking for a break closer to home, England’s second biggest city, Birmingham, averages only £9.82 per day with Belfast tailgating behind at £9.91. That’s just shy of a tenner and a mighty contrast to the Northern Irish city which will set Brits back £16.12 compared to £14.97 for the capital.

Clocking serious mileage

For Brits wanting to organise their car hire at a train station, the cheapest station analysed in in the capital was found to be London Paddington at £12.90 with only four other stations across the UK coming in a cheaper price (Cardiff Central, Birmingham Central, Glasgow Central and Belfast Central).  London Bridge was found to be the most expensive option at just under £30, £10 more expensive than London’s King Cross (£19.86) and £12 more expensive than London St Pancras (£17.19), but with the convenience of being the capital, perhaps it’s a necessary perk.

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Expert opinion

Sound too good to be true? Then hear it from Travel Supermarket’s spokesperson, Emma Grimster, who says that “Hiring a car either abroad or in the UK can give you great flexibility to explore a new area or reach new destinations.”

“Wherever you plan to hire a car, it is always worth planning ahead and booking your vehicle in advance of your departure. Not only will you get a better price than on arrival, in the vast majority of cases, you will also have peace of mind that your car type of choice is confirmed and available.”

“The good news is that our data shows there are some great bargains to be had in the likes of Spain, Cyprus and even the UK if you plan it right.”

To see what great deals are under the hood, check out the Global Car Hire Index and get into 5th gear.

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