Buying A Family Car: Five Must Have Features


In case you are looking for the ultimate family car, you will need to choose a model that comes with plenty of entertainment and driver assistance features, so you can make the most out of your road trips. No matter if you are using the car every day to drop kids off at school, do the weekly shopping, or go to football matches, you will need to keep the little people in the back safe and entertained. Find out more about the must-have features of your next car below.

  1. Rear-View Camera

If you find it hard to focus on parking while the kids are having an argument in the back, you will benefit from a rear-view camera. Some of the latest cars have a 360 degree camera and a monitor that gives you different angle views. Make sure when you apply for your auto loan you include this extra feature. If you don’t want your car insurance to go up because of silly mistakes made because you got distracted, get a new car that has this feature, and stay confident parking whenever you drop the kids off in the morning by the school.

Mercedes Rear View Camera

  1. Bluetooth Entertainment System

You will certainly need an advanced infotainment system that connects to different devices through Bluetooth. You might also get a car with multiple USB ports and wireless charging, so your kids are happy in the back streaming music, or playing games, without running out of power. You can stream music onto the infotainment system through your phone or tablet, and keep everyone happy.

  1. Parking Assistance

Parking in busy car parks and on the road with kids in the back can be challenging. If you don’t want to be spending too much time trying to get into tight spaces, you might want to get a family car that has built in parking assistance. If you have restricted vision because your car is full of presents or shopping bags, you can use this feature to fit your car in any suitable parking space.

Car Bluetooth

  1. All-Wheel Drive Option

Families taking regular weekend trips should look for an SUV with an all-wheel drive option. Some of the latest models allow you to switch between front wheel drive and all-wheel drive, so you can make the most out of every trip. Hit the beach or go up the mountains, book a chalet in the forest; if you have a suitable car, nothing can stop you.

  1. Lane Assist

Taking road trips with kids can be challenging. If you get tired and get distracted, you can benefit from the lane keeping assistance system. It helps you stay in the middle of the road, and keeps an eye on traffic nearby so you can avoid accidents and change lanes safely, thanks to the advanced technology.

Getting a compact or subcompact SUV is one of the best decisions your family can make to enjoy life to the fullest. Keep the kids entertained, stay safe on all roads, and get ready to go off the beaten track, and you can make the most out of your new family car.

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