Beware These Buyer Turn-offs When Selling Your Car


Buyer turn-offs when selling car

Are you thinking about selling your car soon? Whether it’s because you are looking to upgrade your motor or simply wanting to boost the health of your bank account, we wish you success with the sale.

Beware, however. If you want to attract buyers to your car and not turn them away, and if you want to get as much money as possible from the sale, you do need to be mindful of a few buyer turn-offs. Such as? Well, keep reading to find out more.

Turn-Off #1: Unpleasant smells

If the car buyer wretches when you open the doors to your vehicle, then you can expect them to quickly turn tail and leave. You need to air out your car before inspection, perhaps adding an air-freshener to offer more fragrance, as well as these fresh-smelling ideas to make your car smell amazing. You see, if your car smells of cigarettes, takeaway foods, pets or sweaty bodies, then you are scuppering your chances of a quick sale.

Turn-Offs #2: Signs of ill-repair

Would you buy a car that held the potential to be a death-trap? We are assuming not, so ensure you get your car fully serviced before putting it up for sale to improve its roadworthiness. You might want to pay for scratches and dents to be repaired too, and if your wheels look out of shape, you might want to replace your tyres, as well as utilising the services of an alloy wheel refurbishment and repair centre to improve their look and functionality. Sure, there will be an expense on your part, but if there is a possibility of you making a profit after the sale, then you should lay down the cash. It’s your ethical and moral duty too; you don’t want to face a legal claim from an injured driver, after all.

Refurbished alloy wheel

Turn-Off #3: Adding too many personal extras to your car

You need to be careful when pimping your ride. While adding safety tech and more comfortable seats will add to your car’s value, you need to know that any extras you have added to your car that may be more suited to your personal tastes might actually turn off the buyer. A paint job with crazy colours, vinyl stickers, brightly coloured seat covers, and inappropriately sized wheel rims are just a few of the add-ons that might float your boat (or your car) but might not suit the tastes of anybody looking to take your car off your hands. Our advice: return your car to its natural state before putting it up for sale or stick to those modifications that will add value.

Turn-Off #4: General uncleanliness

A grubby exterior and a messy interior will not pose a good first impression to the buyer. Mud stains inside and out, litter on the floor of your car, and sticky marks on the dashboard are not going to go down well. At the very least, give your car a wash and a vacuum before you invite anybody around to look at your car. Or, and this is our recommended opinion, pay for a professional valet service. They will clean, wash and polish your car to a high level, and will make your old car look like new.


Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Would you be interested in a car that checklists the turn-offs we mentioned? Unless you were buying the car for a dirt-cheap price, your answer would probably be ‘no.’ Follow our suggestions then to ensure you sell your car quickly and for the best possible price.

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