Taking The Brand-New Skoda Kodiaq vRS For A Spin


Skoda Kodiaq vRS

A few years ago, Skoda decided to cease production of its Fabia vRS hot hatch, leaving the Octavia as the sole remaining model to adorn the performance badge.  However, this is about to change, with the Czech carmaker set to introduce their flagship SUV, the Skoda Kodiaq to the vRS family.  Although orders in the UK are only available from the spring of this year and limited to just 300 models at that, there are one or two demonstrator vehicles knocking around, with the following video review providing an insight into one of Europe’s newest performance SUVs.

This new vehicle is powered by a twin turbocharged 2.0 TDI engine and comes with a standard four-wheel-drive system and seven-speed DSG gearbox.  Despite its size and weight, the Kodiaq vRS is no slouch and can do 0-62mph in a quick 7.0 seconds and where permitted, can reach a top speed of 136mph, which is not at all bad for an SUV!

The Kodiaq vRS is also extremely roomy inside with a seven-seat layout, making it the ideal family vehicle.  It also comes packed with lots of standard equipment and infotainment to keep the kids amused and hopefully quiet on those long journeys.

Photo credit: Skoda UK

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