Best Driving Apps To Download In 2019


There are so many handy apps available to us on our smartphones, in 2017 alone there were over 197 billion downloads of apps on mobile. The current population stands at just under 7.7 billion so that’s close to 25 apps downloaded for each person in a year.

Vindis Car Dealership have mapped out three of the best apps for drivers in 2019, to make sure you’re downloading the most useful apps available to you.

The JustPark app

Arriving at your destination after a long stressful drive and not being able to find a parking space can be the last thing you want to happen. However, help is at hand from the JustPark app.

Richard Branson’s VOOM event 2015 and the British Parking Awards 2017 both gave praise to this award-winning service. The app itself has made up a database of 1.4 million parking spaces, off-street parking options (think car parks, private spaces and even driveways) and on-street parking possibilities (that’s stretches with parking meters and free parking zones).


Parking Sign Just Park Apps
Parking Sign for Just Park App – Photo credit: JustPark

JustPark isn’t just your usual find a parking space app, it’s possible to reserve spaces before you get there and pay for the spot either by PayPal, card or Apple/Android pay services through the app. You’ll even be provided with easy-to-follow instructions and directions to the space once it’s reserved.

You can download the app here:

App Store Logo

Google Play Logo

Android Auto or Apple CarPlay

These smart driving companions both carry out similar functions, the choice you choose will solely rest on what type of phone you have of course.

You’d be wise to download the Android Auto if you have an Android smartphone. This app helps you while driving, as you only need to call out ‘OK Google’ to do the following:

  • Set up real-time GPS navigation and be informed about traffic alerts.
  • Check your calendar for any occasions that you have scheduled.
  • Set reminders.
  • Get up-to-date news.
  • Setting up a do not disturb message on your phone.
  • Make or answer phone calls handsfree.
  • Access so many of your media apps, such as those containing your favourite music playlists, audiobooks and podcasts.

Apple Carplay Apps

Similar to the Android version above, Apple CarPlay is made for iOS smartphones. This features Siri voice control, and once you open the app you can do all of this:

  • Search for attractions while driving by simply asking for directions by the following means: “Siri, where’s the closest petrol station?”
  • Have the app predict where you need to be by analysing addresses on your recent emails, text messages, contacts and calendars.
  • Make calls and listen to voicemail handsfree.
  • Have Siri read and reply to text messages, as well as send messages in new conversations too.
  • Gain access to content via your iTunes, Apple Music or other audio apps accounts, as well as even request for Siri to become your personal DJ for the duration of a road trip.

With these apps you’re able to keep your focus on the road while still being connected.

Available to download here:

App Store Logo

Google Play Logo


Entering a city centre and your phone suddenly losing all internet connection and sick of it? HERE WeGo is here to help!

Allowing you to download offline maps of the UK as well as other countries like the U.S.A, France, Italy and Spain, HERE WeGo is super handy to navigate your destination when your connection is down.

This app will also inform you on opportunities to carshare if you ever need it when you’ve left your car at home, it can also get in touch with local taxi firms, so you don’t need to worry about getting stranded in some unfamiliar territory.

Download the app here:

App Store Logo

Google Play Logo

Download these apps to your smartphone and say goodbye to stress and hello to entertaining road trips!

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