Beat The Mayhem Of The Roads


Avoiding road mayhem

The roads are becoming a living nightmare as it is. Everywhere you turn there’s a traffic jam, and accident, or a new speed camera that’s out to catch you off guard. But when it comes to this time of year, every problem just seems to multiply. The roads seem to be busier, they’re more treacherous, year-on-year. Every year the roads seem to get the better of us in some way or another. It knows how to play havoc with our cars, and in turn our lives. From simply forgetting to fill up the windscreen washer for weeks until you can barely see out of it, to having a little bump, making you look like the worst driver in the world. So now is the time to think about how you can beat the roads, because the majority of you will know that the change in the weather is well and truly here, and that means the dangers are too. Keep on reading, follow our tips, and you and your car will survive the rest of the year.

Beat the mayhem

The mayhem is definitely going to come. It’s getting to the time of year where everyone is rushing around on the road trying to get their Christmas shopping done. So you’re no doubt going to encounter some traffic on the main roads. So our advice to beat the mayhem, is to cut driving out in the week altogether. We usually sit in our cars for far longer than we need to, getting tired sitting in the traffic, wishing we were somewhere else. But if you live close enough to work, you could walk or get on a bike, and get to work that way. Not only are you doing your bit for the environment, getting the exercise you need, and feeling far more awake in the morning, you’re avoiding the hellish traffic. If this isn’t an option, think about getting a train, or if you absolutely have to, then drive. But when you do, leave 20 minutes earlier than you would normally do. You’ll no doubt experience a totally different drive, and when you do get to work early, you can enjoy a coffee or a hot chocolate, and let your brain relax before the day starts.

Traffic Jam

Image by Ri Butov from Pixabay

Know the damage that can be caused

This weather can play havoc on many things, your health, your home, and most importantly your car. If there is an underlying problem with your car, it’s mostly likely going to come out when the weather gets colder. One problem that becomes prominent, is a problem with the radiator. The radiator is a key component of a fully functioning engine, and problems such as forgetting to top up coolant levels, mixed with the warm weather, can cause it to overheat and break. Radiator repairs can be pretty expensive, depending on how much damage has been done. So ensuring that you’re checking oil levels, as well as the water levels, is essential. Another damage that’s caused at this time of year, is problems with tyres and brakes. The increased use in the car, as well as increased traffic, means your brakes and tyres are straining under the increased workload. Tyres without the right tread is illegal and could lead to points on your license. So go out now, and check the tread on your tyres! As for your brakes, simple tests such as an emergency stop will show you their effectiveness.

Know your car’s limits

Your car will have limits, and it’s so important to recognise when you’re pushing them. The main way that people test the limits of their car, is how they drive it. Racing around, harshly changing through the gears and leaving braking too late, are all going to cause long-term damage to your car. You might begin to notice your gear changes aren’t as smooth, you don’t brake as easily, and it might even have begun to make some funny noises. If you have an old car that you’re not really bothered about, then this won’t matter so much to you. But if you have a new car, and you’re forgetting the value of it, it might be time to treat it with some tender loving care, before big repairs come along.

The more you care for your car and the better your drive it, the more mayhem you’re going to be able to avoid. There are some things that will no doubt be unavoidable but watch out for the ones you can avoid.

Top image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

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