Are You Making These Mistakes With Your Vehicle?


Looking after your vehicle

There are numerous mistakes that you can make with your vehicle. These can lead to expensive problems and safety issues. Here are some factors that you need to consider.

Leaving the spare key in the car

One of the most common mistakes that people make is choosing to leave a spare key in their vehicle. The problem with doing this should be obvious but it does seem to elude a lot of individuals. Unfortunately, if you leave the key in your car, then it’s just a recipe for disaster. By leaving the key in the vehicle, you can end up making matters a lot worse. If someone does break into the vehicle, they would typically need to complete a lot of work to get the car started. However, if you leave the key inside then this is not the case. Instead, they can just put it in the ignition and drive off. As you can imagine, that’s an option that is going to be very tempting for criminals.

The reason for leaving a key in the car is so that you always have one nearby. But if you leave one inside then it will still cause issues. Ultimately, you could find you get locked out of the vehicle and you still can’t access it. You’ll instead need to always use a licensed auto locksmith to get back in the car.

So, where should you keep your extra key when you’re not using it? Well, a safe would be ideal. By keeping your vehicle key in a safe, you can make sure that no one is able to access your car easily and you can keep it safe when it’s at home.

Keep vehicle keys safe

No extra tyre

Tyres are expensive and that’s why a lot of people don’t bother to invest in a spare. To make matters worse, a lot of new cars no longer come with a spare tyre as standard. So you don’t even have one when you get your new vehicle. Now you might think this isn’t an issue, particularly if you have no idea how to change the tyre yourself. However, it’s fair to say that most breakdown services do not ensure that their drivers provide a spare tyre. Instead, they will typically take you to the nearest garage that sells them. Depending on where you break down, you might find that you end up at a place that is charging you a fortune for a new tyre. Worse still, they may not provide the quality that you want or need.

By purchasing your own tyre, you can take control of both these issues. You will be able to make sure that you don’t have to worry about problems with finding a new tyre when you do get a flat.

Failing to keep it clean

Have you heard the reports that the super-rich tend to have cars that are dirtier compared to those with less money? While this might be the case, that doesn’t mean that keeping your car dirty is going to help you create the right impression. Instead, it’s quite the opposite. Research suggests that if you have a car that is unclean, people are going to make snap judgements about who you are and what you can offer. These aren’t going to be positive ones either. For instance, you might find that if you are offering a business service, they believe that it’s probably going to be poor quality.

Failing to keep your car clean could also lead to issues with the way your car runs and how long it remains in good condition. It’s possible and even likely that you end up with a vehicle which ages faster than it should. This could simply be because the dirt that builds up is enough to damage different parts of the vehicle.

New tyre

Forgetting about your service

Next, you need to make sure that you are getting your car serviced regularly. You have two options for car services. You can either think about getting it serviced once a year or once every six months. The option that you choose is largely going to depend on how much you need doing to your vehicle. Usually, a six-month service is not going to include some crucial elements including a boost to the air con system. This means that your vehicle might not provide the right comfortable environment that you need.

When you get your car serviced, it is worth shopping around for a few different prices. You will need to think about ensuring that you aren’t gouged on price. While most repair shops do provide similar rates for this solution, some will rip you off. Be aware that you can typically get the service and the MOT as a package deal which can be quite useful. It will mean that you don’t have to worry about forgetting one or the other.

Not checking the tyres

You should also make sure that you are checking the tyres and some experts recommend that you check the tyres each time you take it out on the road for a spin. The reason for this is that tyres that don’t have the right pressure can be quite dangerous. You might find that tyres with low air pressure will mean that the vehicle doesn’t have the right level of grip on the road. From an economical viewpoint, it is also going to make the car a lot more expensive to drive as it will use more petrol.

Many individuals assume that you can check the tyres of the vehicle by giving them a solid and hard kick. However, this is not the case and you will instead need a tyre pressure gauge. This is the only way to guarantee that the pressure is at the right level. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to simply check that there’s no give when the tyres are kicked.

We hope this helps you understand everything you need to know about your vehicles and the potential issues that you can have here. If you take our advice you won’t run into the problems that these issues cause.

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