8 Amazing Road Trips You Can Take In The UK

Dunrobin Castle in Inverness
Dunrobin Castle in Inverness

When you feel down and out, a road trip along quiet, nature-rich surroundings is what you should try out. And as far as the UK is concerned, there are pretty interesting driving routes along England, Scotland and Wales that offer the perfect getaway break. In this article, we will look at eight of the most beloved road trip trails in the UK.

North Coast 500

One of Scotland’s most iconic road trip favorites, the drive through the North Coast 500 involves a 500 plus mile drive on a single-track road that covers places like Inverness, Wester Ross, and Sutherland. If you are burnt out from working long hours for the past weeks, then a road trip through the North Coast 500 will definitely rejuvenate you. The entire trip can take anywhere from four to seven days. One thing to keep in mind is that accommodation is kind of scarce along this stretch of road. And even if you do find a good enough option, chances are that you may not be able to find a room if you do not book in advance. However, the best way to enjoy the trip is to hire a campervan and chill out with a few friends. And when touring around your favorite destinations in Great Britain, consider a campervan hire in Scotland to make your sight-seeing even more memorable.

North Coast 500 Road Trip
North Coast 500

Snowdonian Loop

Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales standing 1,085 metres high. And a drive through the mountain roads of Snowdon will let you experience some jaw-dropping views of valleys and mountain ranges. The best place to start your drive along the Snowdonian Loop is at the Caernarfon Castle, which is considered as a world heritage site by UNESCO.  One you leave Caernarfon, you will start seeing the lush green peaks of the Snowdonia National Park. Moving further down the stretch, you will also see breathtaking views of moorlands, lakes, and waterfalls. However, the road is notorious for some pretty tight bends. So, it will take a skilled driver to ride through the mountain roads.

Snake Pass

Located in the Peak District of England, the Snake Pass, as the name suggests, is well known for some very twisty tarmacs and tight corners. The entire route is pretty tangled and may seem too complicated at first. But the magnificent views of the National Trust High Peak Estate will make you feel that the entire effort was worth it. The Snake Pass trip can be covered in less than one and a half hours given that it is only about 42 miles long. You will also come across the Ladybower Reservoir while driving this stretch of road.

Peak District Road Trip
Peak District

Cheddar Gorge

If you want to get a feel of medieval era England, a road trip from Glastonbury to Cheddar Gorge should do the job. You can start right at the center of the Glastonbury town, which is famous for having connections to the legends of King Arthur. The drive through the farmland, especially during the misty mornings, will give you an awe-inspiring feeling. And once you reach Cheddar Gorge, the real excitement starts. In one word, Cheddar Gorge can be considered as a heaven for drivers, mainly due to its limestone cliffs and very twisty bends. And if you feel like it, you can also stop by the famous Cox’s or Gough’s caves and explore the mysterious subterranean landscape.


The A686 is a route that lets you drive between Cumbria and Northumberland, a region known as the ‘roof of England’. The scenic landscape of the place should give you enough location to stopover for a brief photo shoot. However, be wary of the motorcyclists who seem to love the stretch. At about 38 miles, you can easily finish off the journey in just about an hour, provided you don’t make any stopovers. And given that the highest point along the road is at well above 550 metres high, you are guaranteed to get some gorgeous views of peaks and valleys.

Cheddar Gorge Road Trip
Cheddar Gorge

Atlantic Highway

If you are planning a ride along Southwest England, then the Atlantic Highway road trip is the perfect one for you. The 170 mile ride is particularly famous for the stretch between Bridgewater and Bude, where you can drive between barley fields, beaches, and bays, which provide for a pretty relaxing experience. You can also check into the seaside town of Bude and indulge yourself into some surfing activities. A four to five-day trip is usually recommended and will be good enough to make you forget the hustle and bustle of urban areas.


The ride from Glasgow to Inverness is ideal for people who are looking for a trip alone on the quiet countryside. A few hours into the drive, you will literally be driving along the thick forests and greenery of the Scottish Highlands. During the trip you will come across Glencoe where you will be able to take in some amazing views. And further down the road, you will come across Ben Nevis, the tallest peak in the UK. Later on, you will be riding along the edge of the famous Loch Ness until you reach Inverness.

Snowdonia National Park Road Trip
Snowdonia National Park

Black Mountain Pass

For people looking to ride on mountain roads, the Black Mountain Pass is the road trip you must take.  The road is extremely popular with test drivers, thanks mainly to former BBC host Jeremy Clarkson’s exploits in the region which has resulted in the road getting an unofficial nickname of the ‘Top Gear’ road. You can easily finish the trip in about a day. However, it is recommended that you set aside at least two days so as to enjoy it to the fullest. You will come across rustic farmhouses, wandering sheep, and stunning viewpoints that will fill you with awe and wonder. Keep in mind that the road does have some tight hairpin bends though, so you do need a good level of skill in driving a car or campervan. But if you do end up taking the trip, you are guaranteed to come back smiling.

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