5 Ways To Get Out Of A Ticket If You’ve Run A Red Light In LA


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Los Angeles traffic is renowned for being one of the most difficult to maneuver – even for the locals! So if you find yourself cruising down Hollywood Boulevard (perhaps a little too cruisily) and you get a flash in your face as you’ve unwittingly run a red light, you’re not alone. Red light tickets can potentially cost hundreds of dollars and are a sure-fire way to put a dampener on your holiday to the city of Angels.

If you do find yourself in this unfortunate predicament then you can save yourself a whole lot of hassle by spending $99 to hire a red light camera attorney Los Angeles from The Ticket Clinic so that you can get back to treasure hunting in the boutiques on Rodeo Drive. This option is much more affordable than paying full price for a ticket and luckily there are a number of different ways to try to get your ticket dismissed.

Hollywood Red Light Traffic Signals

Here are the top five.

  1. Ask for a deferral

You may be able to request a six-month deferral for your case. If you avoid any citations during this time, the judge may be more lenient. This option is usually done for drivers without strong cases.

  1. Say running the red light was necessary

If a camera or cop definitively shows you ran the red light, then you need to reveal the circumstances behind it. The roads could have been icy, and you needed to run the red light to avoid getting rear-ended by another driver.

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  1. Say your view was obstructed

You may not have been able to see the red light if a large truck blocked the intersection right before you entered. This convinces the judge you would not have run the light had you been able to see it.

  1. Discredit the officer

In the event a police officer issued the ticket, you can claim he or she did not have the best view to do so. You may be able to claim the officer could not have had a good angle to see whether you actually ran the red light or entered the intersection when it was still yellow.

Red Light in Beverley Hills

  1. Challenge the camera

This is a long shot, but you may be able to prove the camera was inaccurate. If the photograph is blurry or unclear at all, then you may be able to argue it was not you driving the vehicle.

You should always remember to always drive cautiously and carefully when in a new city, especially if the road rules are foreign to you. However, if you do run a red light whilst travelling in LA, call 1-800-248-2846 to schedule a free consultation with a Los Angeles traffic ticket lawyer. The Ticket Clinic handles all kinds of traffic violations, and the experiences lawyers will know the best defense to put forward for your specific case. Happy holidaying and drive carefully.

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  1. It really helped when you said that we should always remember to drive cautiously and carefully when in a new city. I totally agree that the paying the fine is the best resolution for this kind of scenario. I also personally believe that being responsible is the least that we can do.

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